Monday, November 15, 2021

Appreciation of Energy


Appreciation of Energy
Reiki can be used on plants and animals as well as people.
When I am doing reiki with client, sometimes our dog, or a dog we are taking care of might come in the room and sit under the reiki table while I am working on the person. They love soaking in that energy. They always stay silent and lay or sit down. When I am working in the office by myself with no clients there, just doing emails or calls, the dogs will sometimes come in and just lay under the able in my office, basking in the energy of the room, and especially in the place where I do my healing work. It feels good when they respond to the reiki, seeing that it is working on the person and the dog at the same time.
Dogs are always kept out of my office when I am with a client, but sometimes the client likes the dog and wants to let it in and that can help a person release some tension, which contributes to the healing. Seeing the dogs respond to reiki is another affirmation of my work, because they are not coming in here for biscuits, they are coming in here for reiki energy.
This is just a pleasant observation, and at the same time, a clear demonstration about how our energy affects not only ourselves and other people, but also our place, and animals. When you change your energy, the energy of your place changes.
Then if you move some things around or change them out, you change the energy of your place too, so that it really feels nurturing to you and reflects your energy. Consider how this can be beneficial if you are changing your place because you ended an old relationship and want clear out the old energy and welcome in new energy with a new arrangement.
We create power spots in our homes by using them. If you were to measure with dowsing rods, you would easily see movement when you are by the chair where you like to sit, or the where you sleep or work. Your energy creates power spots. So when you rearrange, you change the energy of your self and your place.
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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Tuning Up Our Energy Body


Tuning Up Our Energy Body
What is this energy that enlivens us and animates our basic life force?
The energy map of our body is often described with words like chakras and auras. The most commonly accepted concept is that of 7 chakras or energy centers. The word chakra means wheel. A simpler term could simply be our power centers. We need to keep our wheels turning.
When we look at how these chakras are aligned, they follow the path of our spine, from root to crown, from the tip of our tailbone to the top of our head. As we follow this map, we see the energy centers overlay all our vital organs.
Ideally we want to see all of our energy centers clear with the energy flowing smooth and steady through them. That is why energy clearing and healing works so well with physical healing.
The more we can connect with those energies the more powerful and alive we are. Often physical discomforts connect with metaphysical discomforts. Example. If a person is experiencing communication blockages, they may have a discomfort in the throat. If a person is suffering low self confidence, they may be experiencing discomfort in their digestion, which is the location of the solar plexus. People who have too much monkey mind may be having headaches and nervousness. Restoring the smooth energy flow brings calmness.
Quieting the monkey mind, all that chaotic chatter and worry allows all the energies of your physical body to flow freely and work properly. Of course, sometimes we need surgeries and prescriptions, but notice how when your mind is calm, you do not have so many problems with headaches, nervousness and digestion. Clear energy flow helps everything flow more smoothly. Calming a person with energy clearing can also help prepare for surgeries and recover from surgeries. That is a reason why some hospitals have encouraged nurses, therapists and caregivers to learn about energy work to combine with their other skills.
We light up as a person when all of our energies are running smoothly. When this is the case, we see the person glowing with joy, full of energy, acting on purpose.
Consider how your energies work when you are in a relationship. We all get into relationships because we are attracted to the other person. When that happens we are connected at some of our energy centers, usually heart and sex.
Now imagine if you are fully engaged at all 7 energy centers! Wow!
How powerful and fulfilling would your relationship be if you are connected with your partner not only romantically and sexually, but also connected in the centers of the mind, psychic and spiritual energies? What if you are helping each other boost your self esteem, helping each other on your path to your right livelihood? What if you are connected in all these ways, in addition to the romance and physical attraction. How powerful would your relationship be? It is possible when all of your energy channels are unblocked.
Our energy systems are a key to us having a happy healthy life. That is one of the reasons why I love doing this kind of work. I did not always know about this earlier in my life, but once I did, I was happy I knew about it.
Many years ago I had a heart attack and energy work helped me recover from the surgery. This is one of the experiences that taught me.
So the more aware we are of energies and how to use them, the better.
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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Make an altar for the people you know who have died this past year.


Try this at home: Make an altar for the people you know who died this past year.

Because of all the covid deaths during the last year, no doubt a number of you will get some peace from making an altar and doing a ritual.

Every year at this time, the are two holidays from two different cultures, the Mexican Day of the Dead and the Irish Samhain, which we now call Halloween. I have always thought it was fascinating that these two different cultures chose the same day of the year to celebrate this tradition. Two cultures who had no ancient history together.

The spiritual traditions behind these holidays is simple, yet powerful. We set up a table on which we place photos and things that remind us of those people we knew who died this year, what we appreciated about them and why they were important in our life.

In the Mexican tradition, a plate of their favorite food is placed on the table. In the Irish tradition it is called the dumb supper, where a plate of food is placed on the same table where the family is having dinner.

In both traditions, stories are told about those people, and if they had favorite songs or music, that is sung or played.

Both traditions offer the loved one a last meal of their favorite food and drink and the remembrance of their friends and family wishing them well on their journey into the next world.

Your altar can include a pet that died this year.

Your altar can also include some person who you did not know personally, but whose work influenced you. I have seen altars for Dr. Seuss, Selena, and the Twin Towers of 9/11. I remember when some of my favorite authors like Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut and Raymond Buckland died.

That makes sense because our favorite authors, artists, actors, musicians, athletes and other cultural stars were a part of our life through their work and our favorites often are significant influences on us.

You can also make an altar for someone who died a long time ago, who you would like to do a memorial for.

I know that this is a powerful simple ritual we can do to honor those we knew. Doing so provides us a powerful life lesson about what and who we really value.

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Feeling Our Seasons Turning


Feeling Our Seasons Turning

When the leaves turn, it is always a beautiful sight, different colors painting the scenes all around us until they finally let go and drop to reveal the skeleton of the tree for the winter months. As we watch the seasons turn, we reflect on the progress of our lives so far. We planted seeds in the spring and we harvested in fall. We set new goals and achieved them.

Traditionally, the name of the full moon in October, which is this Wednesday, is the Hunter's Moon or Blood Moon. This is the time of year when we have hunting season. Our ancestors have done this for millennia so that they would have meat for the winter. Same way they would have cut firewood for the winter. There was nothing spooky about this, simply taking care of our needs for survival. What are you hunting for under the energy of this full moon? Elk? Deer? A new job? A new relationship? A new activity for fun and fitness? A new place to live? What will this Hunter's Moon illuminate for you?

Of course, not all of us are hunters in that sense, but we all do hunt for various goals or targets that we have set for ourselves. This time of year brings those thoughts back to mind, the thoughts of big changes we would like to make, and the turning leaves remind us of the turns we have coming up. What do we need to do to get ready for our changes? Research new opportunities? Acquire new skills? Learn new techniques? Discover new ideas? I always feel a very reflective spirit at this time of year.

Remembering our dead at Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead, expressing gratitude at Thanksgiving, celebrating our connections with spirit and the people in our lives with parties during Christmas/Winter Solstice. It is this time of reflection that is so rich for us. Amidst all these seasonal activities and the hustle of business, it is still very moving to savor the reflective spirit of our near past and future.

What is your favorite part of feeling the seasons turn? Does the turning of fall awaken deeper passions in you? I know that it always does within me.

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The Most Spiritual Season


The Most Spiritual Season

I have always felt that fall to the beginning of winter is the most spiritual season of the year.

All of our most emotionally potent holidays fall in this quadrant of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas/Yule and New Year's always pack a punch. The best parties with family and friends and people we care about visiting or spending some time with. Renewing old acquaintances and making new friends.

This is the time of year we celebrate our harvests, we remember our dead, we begin new semesters of school, new seasons of work, a time to express gratitude, then celebrate the return of the light both in the form of the Sun and of Christ, then the new year. What a powerful set of subjects and feelings to focus on!

Fall always brings the best new books from publishers and the best new movies from the film industry.

Fall brings new seasons of shows from performing arts groups, orchestras and theaters. New seasons of shows on TV or streaming services.

A lot of the best new things in many respects, come out in fall when you think of all the things I have mentioned.

During this harvest season it is worth remembering that what we are harvesting is what we planted. As we express gratitude, this is also an opportunity to see what changes need to be made with what we did not harvest so that we can do better next time.

We do that as we make plans for parties. These are times when you give consideration as to who you want to invite. Who are the people who are good influences, good energies, helpful people in our lives? Which people do we want to cut cords with? Reinforcing some ties and cutting others reflects our feelings about the holiday parties.

These are not superficial choices. It is natural that as we evolve, our friends evolve. And as our circle of friends evolves, our social events and parties evolve. People we meet at these events might become more of a part of our lives in the coming year. Endings and beginnings are significant at this time of year.

How spiritually guided do we feel with the way our lives are going now? If we have not thought about it before, now is the perfect time. To give it thought in preparation for future actions.

It is a spiritual season for spiritual thoughts. I enjoy the whole feel of it with the turning colors, orchestral music, home cooking that makes the air fragrant, fireplaces, and all those other things that speak to us of love, comfort, home, friends, family and the time to reflect on our past, present and future.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Keeping Our Balance


Keeping Our Balance

A constant challenge for all of us is to keep balance in our lives and it is easy to lose our way at times, so take the time at this time of year to consider ways to do that. An example is knowing how to schedule work so that we still have time left to nurture our relationships with family and friends plus have time and energy for hobbies, sports or activities that we enjoy.

Joy is a critical ingredient in a good life, and we find it dancing on balance of the scales. Scales are an easy thing for us to visualize and keeping that visual in mind, we think about whether we should accept or decline more work right now so that we have time for these other important parts of our life. This image is the Justice card from the Light Seer's Tarot.

Certainly keeping balance can be more difficult for some people if you are in a job that requires you to be available for emergency calls or shifts. Still, we all have time to make some choices in life and do the best we can.

In my life and practice, I am always conscious of devoting enough time to do my best work, and some time for going to the gym, laundry, shopping and visiting with friends.

What is different now than in the past is that I set up my business to be available for clients first, and second to do other things.

When I worked for corporations, we kept office hours, then took care of personal things after those hours. So now is the reverse, not based around keeping the same hours every day. I work when people need me to work. Usually people come to me, but in some cases I go to them.

Because over the years many clients have requested evening or weekend appointments because of their schedules, I gladly do this for them because it is all the same to me if I go to the gym in the afternoon and see clients in the evening, or workout on the weekdays in order to see clients on weekends. I feel good about arranging things that way, and I feel a good overall flow of energies in my life. Changing to a new mindset can be challenging when we are making changes, but when we create a new model, it flows smoother.

Balance causes one person to choose to work from a home office while another chooses to have an office away from the home. We each have to find the ways that work best for us.

I like how the artist shows how we are balancing the light and dark aspects of life. Justice is about balance. When something is wrong, we make corrections to make it right again. Personally, we are bringing balance back into our life when we settle old debts, clear up old business and bring resolution to conflicts in our life. That also helps us keep our balance in life.

Light and dark is the major theme and turning point in the year that we are celebrating at the Fall Equinox. On this day, we have an equal amount of light and dark in the day. After this day, the scale tips and we get more darkness in our days until Yule, the longest night of the year, when the light returns. Then on the Spring Equinox, there is a day of balance between light & dark again, this time with the scales tipping toward more light in our days until we reach the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.

Dark is not a negative connotation here. This part of the year, when it is cold and dark, is the time when we bring light into our life by putting on the most heartfelt celebrations of the year, when we bring light into the dark season by inviting family and friends over to share celebrations with us. There are no more powerful, emotionally charged holidays in our year than Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, Christmas/Yule/Winter Solstice, and New Year's Eve.

There is a richness in the dark time of the year in another way. We all need time to study and practice subjects or activities we want to learn, reflect on our past experiences and draw the wisdom from them, and create new visions and align ourselves with the people who will be important to us in our next phase of life. By having this dark time to study and reflect, we are better prepared to take on the next level of challenges in our life.

So feel how the energies need to be balanced, and then decide what actions you will take to do that.

These holiday celebrations will also reveal the people we want to be more aligned with in the coming seasons.

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