Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Feeling Foolish?


Feeling Foolish?

April Fool's Day originated in times when people loved to play jokes on each other as sort of a fun way to welcome in spring, because as we have experienced, often weather fools us as we move from winter into spring.

Practical jokes and mischief are played to provoke laughter and humor. It was originally a holiday dedicated to the Roman goddess Cybele, whose blessing they invoked for a fertile planting season, and Hilaria was a holiday for being cheerful and merry, from which we get the word hilarious. Games, masquerades, mocking and jokes were the spirit of the time. 

Hilarity and humor are attitudes that help us keep our sanity and balance our energies in stressful times. And who among us could not use a little more lightness in our lives? Research in recent years has proven that laughter can help boost the immune system, as do music and love. That is why I frequently use humor when I am talking with you. Humor is a great way to illustrate an idea and make a memorable point.

Another aspect being foolish is that often when we are trying something new or different, people might say that we are being foolish. However, it is good for us to remember that this is simply their opinion at this time.

How many of you have had someone wonder if you are just being foolish because you quit your previous employment to start your own business? Or they wonder how such a silly idea could become a real business?

The photo above is from one of my favorite tarot artists, Ciro Marchetti. What he did in his deck Tarot of Dreams is to make the Fool the beginning and ending cards in the majors for this deck. By bringing the Fool back into the center of the World card, he is showing us how what some might consider foolish behavior can lead to great success. Sort of another take on the old saying that great journeys begin with a single step.

Some people think that the Fool is the lowest card in the deck because he is numbered 0. And some people think that he is the highest card in the deck and position it in the end position among the major cards because they feel that the Fool is the only character who knows that he does not know everything. On his life journey, he learns all the major lessons: love, justice, overcoming obstacles, kindness, mentors, teachers, birth, death, honesty, family, friends, prosperity, health. And as long as we live, as long as we are on this Fool's Journey, our whole life, we always have more lessons to learn.

People used to say that a person who would leave home and venture out in the world was foolish because they might encounter dangers and unknown challenges and difficulties. Throughout history, it was common for people to spend their entire lives within 20 miles of the place where they were born.

Of course, the person on the Fool's journey is one who enjoys meeting new people, seeing new places and trying new things.

For this reason, many people call the major arcana cards from the tarot the story of the Fool's Journey through life because these cards contain all our important life lessons.

So take the opportunity to reflect on your journey through life this April Fool's Day. What are the things you have done that you thought were foolish?

And what were the things you have done that other people thought were foolish?

How did these things turn out? Which ones were stupid mistakes, and which ones proved to be strokes of genius?

That foolish feeling may be leading into your next big adventure. That foolish feeling may lead to setting off on a new path, expanding your life experience and your future prospects.

Are you feeling foolish today?

Happy April Fool's Day!

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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Ancestral Energies


Ancestral Energies

One of the reasons to think about ancestral energies is to find out more about where we came from and what sorts of things we may have inherited.

When people use the DNA swab to research their family history, they find out about possible hereditary health issues, info about the different parts of us that came from different cultures and ethnic groups.

Of course, in life we may have inherited things from our ancestors such as furniture, jewelry or property. And these may contain mysteries as well.

I remember a company party where they had hired me to do rune readings for their guests. One woman came to my table, looked at the runes and her jaw dropped. She asked me what they were. She said that jewelry and furniture that she had inherited had runes all over them, but no one in her family ever talked to her about what the signs meant. What do we lose when the stories are not told to the next generation? What effect does that have on what we know and who we are?

How many of us have things like that in our family that no one ever talked about? What kind of questions have popped into our minds as we thought about our families and how things came to be as we know them?

When we think about what we may have inherited, it is not only property and DNA. What about ideas, attitudes, behaviors and principles have we inherited?

All of that is part of who we are. Certainly, we can change these things if we choose to, but first we bring them to present consciousness.

Many of us have done such things in the course of choosing partners and careers that differed from our family's expectations of us.

One of the tools for exploring such things are Past Life Regressions. It is a way to find out more about ourselves. Usually important things that surface in past life recalls include the talents, skills and abilities we have in our present life as well as fears or phobias. Recapping our session helps us see the patterns in these things that influence and shape our present life.

In this way, we can clear some of those ancient influences that we wish to clear.

Another way of working with ancestral energies is when we are communicating with our spirit guides. I find that often, ancestors turn up as spirit guides, the same way that people often identify someone who they knew and loved in this lifetime who has already crossed over is staying with them as a spirit guide.

In the case energies in our self that we want to disconnect from, reiki healing can help do that.

In the case of energies in our home that we want to clear, house blessings can do that.

What are the things you want to know? What are the energies you want to align with?

Remember, none of us would be here now if our ancestors had not been successful in doing what it takes to survive.

Our early ancestors did not have any guide books to help them figure out what to do. It was a combination of gut instinct and what they learned from the world around them. Their focus on observing what was going on around them, such as the behavior of animals and plants, as well as other people, gave them clues about what was safe to eat or good for healing, which way to go and which people to bring closer and which people to avoid.

In other words, paying attention to their gut instincts, which is intuition, and psychic input they picked up through their third eye, is how they aligned with their guidance. And it is these same factors that guide us today. Tuning into these sources of guidance caused our ancestors to be more psychic and intuitive than many give them credit for being. Think about navigating your way through this world the way they had to navigate to survive.

DNA has excited and intrigued many people to find out more about themselves that way. What else can you perceive or would you like to learn about in addition to that?

Our own stories illuminate our path in life. These are ways to turn on the lights and see more about where we are going.

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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Are you Masterminding?


Are you Masterminding?

What is Masterminding?

Napoleon Hill, the author who first published this concept, defines it this way: The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony.

Maintaining harmonious relationships with all the members of your group is one bedrock principle.

Another is that members help each other and encourage each other to accomplish their goals. Members of a group not only wish each other well, they do what they can to help each other.

Mastermind groups include brainstorming and accountability. Members encourage each other to set clear goals and be successful in this quest.

With such obvious positives, why would a person not want to be in one?

Look at the magic of transforming fear into cooperation!

Note that a group can be as few as two people, or if you prefer, a larger number. And since the first cardinal rule would be to select the people you want to work with so that you can keep harmonious relations with everyone in your group.

A key element here would be to form your own group, rather than join someone else's, unless you know all the other people in the group and can maintain harmonious energy with all off them.

This is a key component. The group energy supports each member, so when members do not get along, it breaks the flow of energy.

Of course, in the big picture, there is competition, however when you assemble a circle of people who believe in cooperation, you are operating with a different mindset, and you feel supported and encouraged with more energy from your group.

We can reduce the fear in our business relationships when we see the world as an abundant place, with enough here for all of us to have successful businesses. We can reduce the fear and stress of creating and building our business by having our own Mastermind group, which keeps our focus on positive energy.

Hill first put Materminding out there in 1925, in his book The Law of Success and then went into it in more depth in Think and Grow Rich. So this concept is now 100 years old. Many people have used these techniques to create and build a successful business.

Many years ago, one of my mentors suggested that I read this book and I found it to be fascinating and full of good ideas. You might be doing something like this without calling it Masterminding. Like attracts like and when we are launching a new enterprise or expanding on an existing one, the energy can be thought of as a battery that we can call on when we need a boost.

Sometimes our family or friends might not be supportive of our new business, so we need to create another avenue or channel through which we can find more supportive energy.

The book has aged well. It has been in print since 1937, and many modern teachers incorporate Hill's ideas into their work.

This updated version contains more modern examples, all of which serves to confirm that many of these ideas and techniques are still valid even though many big changes have taken place in business.

Even though this book was written before the Internet was even an idea, the ideas blend well with the new technologies, while at the same time encouraging us to develop meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with others.

Masterminding is a powerful tool to help us achieve our goals and anyone can do it. Does this give you any new ideas?

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Recognition and Healing


Recognition and Healing

One of my clients was recently diagnosed with cancer.

News like this, of course, brings up a range of thoughts and life reflections. For many, this might represent their final chapter. Others will survive and move forward with a changed attitude for the rest of their life. When people found out about her diagnosis, she said it felt like they were coming out of the woodwork, offering support, prayers, healing energy, messages from people she had not heard from in a long time.

She wondered what she had done to deserve all this attention. You see, it is not like she is famous, and it is not that all those people are ones that she is close to on a regular basis.

So what could be causing all these people to reach out? This shows how many people's lives she touched, how many appreciate what she did for them when they needed it. People who like her and wish her well.

Sometimes we don't know how many lives we have touched, how many people we have helped. It lifts our spirits when this happens and we see that by just being happy being ourselves and being happy doing what we do, we affect others positively.

And if this were a final review chapter, how would we respond? How do we feel about what we have done? What is it on our list or on that back burner that we really want to do before we run out of time?

What would we change if this our final chapter? Would that change our goals? Would it change what we think is most important?

Some of us will become more successful and well known than others, but one thing we can all do is to bring alignment into our life so that we can honestly say we are happy to be who we are and we love doing what we do.

We all influence the people in our immediate sphere of influence.

Whatever scale of success we achieve, along our path, for many of those we encounter, the little things will be big things. Giving gratitude and recognition to all the people in our life and that will be a source of healing for us when we need it.

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Time for New Visions


Time for New Visions

January gets its name from the Roman god Janus, the keeper of gateways. The Romans used to start their year in the spring, under the sign of Aries, the god of war, and that is when the army began their new campaigns. Then during the reign of Julius Caesar, the calendar was changed to January.

Janus is always pictured with two faces because he ruled over beginnings and endings. He was invoked at the beginning of rituals. So you could say that was when the idea of the January new year came into being. He was invoked at the beginning because he would then open the gateways for the other gods and goddesses to come through the doorway.

He was the one who began all significant life change ceremonies; harvest and planting times, birth and death.

"Well begun is half done." Have you ever heard that old saying? For all of us, new thoughts come to us, then new actions. Actions bring our thoughts to life and so in a symbolic way, we enter through this doorway to make change. Getting things in order to make a strong new beginning sets up the foundation for all other actions that will follow.

Here's another old quote for you.

"Whatever you dream about doing, begin it. For boldness has genius, magic and power in it." This is from the German poet Goethe.

Coming on the heels of the longest night of the year, the days will not appear longer until the beginning of February, Groundhog Day, these dark nights are a perfect time to sharpen our focus and study what we want to learn.

As the guardian of movement and change as the gatekeeper, symbolically as we move through this new gateway, we move toward our goals. And the more clearly we can state our goals, the more certain we are to achieve them.

So all of you who have had me do your numerology for you know that our personal year energies work birthday to birthday. For everyone whose birthday is not on January 1 then, this is a national holiday, and we think about and talk about the year ahead. This is society's new year.

And as you also know, I always do numerology for the new year, so here it is.

Numerology for the New Year

2024 is an 8 year. An 8 year is a time for setting new visions. When we dream about how we want our future to take shape, the new goals, visions, new ideas we want to create and bring into being. This is also a time for us to share these ideas with those we care to share them and open the door for them to participate with us and help us achieve our goals.

8 energy comes as a result of having created and achieved earlier goals, rebounded from difficulties, made good connections with other people, and spent some time reflecting on what is important to us and aligning ourselves with heartfelt values, activities that are important to us and people who are important to us.

In Chinese and Japanese cultures, 8 symbolizes prosperity. Associated with 8 are also balance and harmony. Think about how balance and harmony help us achieve even more.

When we are acting out of love, other people will know that about us. And the way we open doors in our presentations, invite people to work with us and help us, opens the way for our energies to align and bring our goals to completion, turning our thoughts into actions, dreams into realities.

Are our new visions aligned with our hearts? Are we aligned with the people in our lives?

What new visions do you have? Are we inspired? Are you happy with who you are? Are you happy with what you do?Time for New visions?

Happy New Year!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The Elf on the Shelf


The Elf on the Shelf

When I am reading for parties, often people have costumes or themes, and I have fun seeing what I can come up with that fits their theme. So for some of the December parties this year, I added this hat for December. In October, I wore a jester's hat. When I am reading for a party, humor and costumes help the guests enjoy themselves.

So, of course, by New Year's Eve, the look will change again. Yes, I have a collection of costumes because of all the requests I have had over the years.

In one respect the Elf on the Shelf is sitting off to the side watching everything that happens. At parties, I am usually sitting at a table in a side room to do the readings, while most of the guests are out there in the central area eating, drinking, dancing, talking, playing games and all the other things people do at parties. From this perspective, we get the bigger picture of the flow of energies. I focus on whoever is at my table and do my best for them, and when that is happening, then the people at my table are with me, orbiting outside of the main vortex of activity.

So that is one aspect of the Elf on the Shelf.

Here is another. One night as I was coming home from a party this month, I was driving on I-70 back to Denver, and in one of those dark, curvy stretches coming downhill, some piece of junk that fell off someone else's vehicle was laying in the road, and I ran over it, and whatever it was broke my wheel as well as destroying the tire and the muffler. So I pulled off to the shoulder, as soon as I felt the hard shock. Fortunately, I did not crash into another vehicle or get injured.

I called AAA to get towed back home. That night, it took them 2 hours to come and get me. So for 2 hours, I was just sitting by the side of the road unable to go anywhere, keeping an eye on traffic.

Earlier in my life, I would probably have been yelling or angry, but this night I was not. I know that tow truck drivers can't always get there as fast as we want because they may have lots of other people to tow. So 3 times I called back to AAA to see where my driver was.

When he finally got there, he told me that the calls had gone to the day driver instead of the night driver, so he didn't get the call until the calls finally woke up the day driver. I could not blame the night driver who came to get me for the error in communications. The driver was very courteous and considerate and after we dropped off my car at the mechanic, he dropped me off at home.

My years of practicing meditation and positive thinking paid off that night. I never raised my voice when talking to either of them, and in the end what needed to get done, got done.

I feel that peaceful progress is the aura that surrounds me and my practice. Taking a look at the big picture I could be calm while I was stranded on the side of the highway.

Expand this concept in your life and see what happens. Learning and practicing meditation, positive thinking, journaling and these other things helps you keep perspective like the Elf on the Shelf.

Your journaling can help you learn something about yourself, get fresh insights and new ideas. Get messages from spirit. Spirit gives us encouragement while we do this. Once we begin to write, the words begin to flow.

Here is another Elf on the Shelf perspective.

For example, when reviewing past lives, a person can lift themselves up above the scene to be watching it like a movie so that they can see what happened without feeling all those feelings again. We do not have to re-experience the pain.

When we stay focused on the big event and the results, we keep our peace of mind.

I get a lot of peace of mind from knowing that I have helped my clients achieve their goals and get some healing. That gives me peace of mind. Spiritual practices bring us many practical benefits. You probably have some spiritual practices that are different than mine because there are lots of good ways to have a daily practice.

Happy Holidays from the Elf on the Shelf!

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