Monday, December 5, 2022

We can be the holiday lights


We can be the holiday lights
Have you noticed where you feel changes in energy?
Have you noticed that during certain seasons that your energies are felt more in certain chakras (energy centers) than others?
We make choices about which seasonal events we feel good about participating in and which people we are genuinely happy to hear from. These same feelings guide our choices throughout the year, and that is why some of our chakras are more open while some are more closed. Feelings have a lot to do with our drive to achieve goals and keeping our mind focused so that we can turn dreams into reality.
Example. When we are low on self esteem, we may actually feel it in our solar plexus (belly) which will radiate confidence and self esteem when we change our feeling about our self.
Each chakra is a center of energy within and without us. The energy of our chakras is part of the system of radiation that makes our aura glow. When people say that someone lights up the room it is because their inner lights are glowing.
When you are happy and healthy you give off more beautiful light than a Christmas tree.
How do you turn on your lights?
First, remember that where your thoughts go, your energy goes, so reframing some of our thoughts is the first step. Then you can take 3 deep breaths as each of your 7 chakras to help clear your energy channels.
Finally, choose to be happy. We can all make this choice every day, and people will note how you glow and how your light makes others glow.
As I was writing this, I looked back and noticed that this completes 12 years of doing this newsletter. I am amazed to look back and realize that. Wow! What an adventure this has been. Of course, the biggest part of this memory is all the wonderful people I have met along this path over all those years. Thank you!
I always love hearing from you, so if you feel like sending me a note, calling or coming to see me, please do!
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Monday, November 14, 2022

The Magic of Gratitude


The Magic of Gratitude
Thanksgiving is a holiday that simply has gratitude at its heart. How wonderful is that?
Why is it that so many teachers emphasize the importance of gratitude?
Because it is a powerful engine in our life. Remember that where your thoughts go, your energy goes. The energy that flows when we say thank you for helping me do this (whatever goal you name) is that we are making a partnership with our spirit guides to get it done. The better your relationship with your spirit guides, the more you will be able to get done. We focus our energy on completion, and that is more powerful than wishful thinking or hoping it will work out.
What is another aspect of gratitude? Easy. How good does it feel when someone thanks you for doing something? Of course, everyone likes that. So you see, thanking our friends and associates is one thing. Another powerful level of connection is with our spirit guides, and if we thank them the same way we thank our physical friends, it works the same way with our spiritual friends.
Gratitude sets good energies into motion for us. Gratitude opens us to more gentle vibrations of appreciation which lets more empowering energies get into our aura. When we express gratitude, the sense of joy that is part of it draws people into our circle and aligns our consciousness. We are interacting with people on a higher vibration when we express gratitude. Gratitude is an aspect of love.
Notice how you feel when you are happy and thankful. Doesn't it feel like everything flows smoothly when you are in that frame of mind? Doesn't it stimulate peaceful energies within you and without you?
Another train of thought that runs with gratitude is this. Everything that we need in life is here. When we appreciate all we have and look around for what we need, we often find it hiding in plain sight. When we appreciate what is around us, we find what we need.
Gratitude also affirms the idea that we will make good progress on our dreams because we are working with spirit. spirit's favorite way to connect with us is when we are helping others and when we are being creative. Notice how that works in your life and you will have more reasons to be happy.
In fact expressing gratitude is the perfect way to get more to be grateful for. We create alignment with joyous results when we do that. Notice how when there is something important you want to do and you keep getting yes from the people you want to work with, you know that spirit is in alignment with it happening.
I love it that once a year, we have a holiday that is centered on that one simple idea.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Monday, October 31, 2022

Like leaves, letting go


Like leaves, letting go
We love watching leaves turn color and let go. It is dramatic when we watch a tree that was full of foliage revealing its skeleton as fall shows us the change in season so visibly.
The change of season suggests a very powerful lesson for all of us, the lesson of letting go. I know this sounds simple, and it is, but letting go is a key to moving forward in life. Letting go is a key to freeing up energy. How do I mean that?
Consider this.
How many times have we hung onto a relationship that is not working well for us because letting go of it would be difficult. But when we consider those difficulties compared to the difficulties of continuing in a dysfunctional relationship, which one is really the more difficult choice?
When we let go of something that is not working, a weight is lifted from us. There is a sense of lightness when we once again see ourselves as free to explore and reorganize our life around our strengths and choices.
Like the tree that has shed its leaves, we can clearly see the healthy branches and areas of our strength and growth. Sometimes we have to strip down to start over.
Consider letting go in your career choices.
Many people have changed their minds about what kind of work they want to do. Letting go of a career path that does not give you joy is a move toward freeing up your spirit. Fortunately, we live in a time when we can create new ways to make a living.
Many people have also let go of old career patterns in order to bring more balance into their life. If a job has you working so many hours a day, a week or a month or for years that you don't get to spend much time with family, friends or activities you like, and so your success is only in one area of your life, you will feel some desire to let go of some of that in order to keep the other parts of your life healthy. If we do not keep our life in balance, we will lose something important.
Even those of us who own our own business sometimes have to let go of one strategy or plan to try a different plan. Knowing when to let go is key. Our spirit guides will always give us signs when it is time to change.
Just like we let go of clothes that do not fit us well any more, we need to let go of situations that do not fit us well any more.
When we are young we learn about climbing corporate ladders, but after we have some experience, many of us develop a taste for leaving corporate ladders for someone else while we create our own business.
When we are younger, we choose to climb higher mountains and hike more vigorous paths up higher altitudes.
When we are older, we choose to hike gentler paths at lower altitudes. In both cases we are letting go of limitations.
At the younger age, we challenge ourselves to reach the next higher level. At our older age, we adjust our path to what we can travel comfortably.
Climbing 14ers and playing racquetball were invigorating when I was younger. Now long walks are the most satisfying ways for me to get my exercise.
When I was younger I had different career goals. Now I would simply identify my goals as having good relations with all the other people in my life, taking good care of my clients, and setting aside time for the gym and personal pursuits.
As we enjoy the spectacular scenery of the season of fall, let us let our mind flow with the energy of the season. What do we need to let go of? When we feel lighter from letting go, we are free to start fresh and grow new branches and new leaves.
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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Day of the Dead: Reflecting on those we lost this year


Try this at home: Take time to reflect on those we lost this year
Every year at this time, we have Halloween parties and Day of the Dead festivities. Longmont Museum puts on the biggest celebration of this holiday in the entire state.
At it's root, the essence of this holiday is exactly the same as the Celtic holiday of Samhain which is the origin of our American Halloween traditions.
In both traditions, we are taking time to remember the people we knew who crossed the veil into the next realm this year. We tell stories, sing songs, share remembrances about why they were an important part of our life and what we learned from them.
If we set up a table to honor our dead, common elements are to have a photo of the person and some of their favorite things on them. This is to wish them well on their journey into the next world and send them off with one last taste of their favorite things along with our expressions of gratitude and appreciation. The Mexican tradition calls this an offrenda (offering). The Irish call it the Dumb Supper (dumb from the old fashioned word for a person who can't speak). How mystical and magical is that?
Yes, these are ancient pagan traditions which were so entrenched that the Catholic church overlaid another layer on meaning onto these days and named them All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Once again, the essence of the holiday is there, with different trappings.
Other cultures around the world have holidays to remember their dead, but interestingly, the Aztecs and the Irish, who had no ancient history of trade or engagement between them, both selected the same day of the year to celebrate the same ritual.
So let us say that you do not celebrate either of these two traditions. We can strip it down to its essence and get the real value. Your table at home does not have to be big and elaborate. It can be small and simple.
Consider the value of taking time to remember those we know who died this year and doing a little ritual to thank them for what they brought to our life. The ritual could be as simple as looking at some old photos, telling stories and perhaps sharing a meal that they used to enjoy. This ritual can be done no matter what kind of religious or spiritual beliefs you have. We are simply digesting an important life lesson here.
Due to the pandemic, many of us know someone who died in the last few years. Your ritual can also include those who died in previous years if you have not acknowledged them in this way before, and you may want to revisit some. After all, don't we all come to new realizations and insights as we grow? New understandings and appreciation for the parts others have played in our life.
This ritual is always an important feature in my holiday. Yes, it is one of the biggest party times of the year, with costumes, food, drink, treats and festivities. And at the root of it all is a deep spiritual tradition. Insights from this ritual can shed valuable light on our path.
Consider this. Even our cave man and cave woman ancestors had funeral traditions which tells us that even those ancient, illiterate ancestors recognized that there is something more to us than a body, and even back then, they acknowledged the spiritual journey we are all on. Our ancestors learned this without any guide books. Think for a moment about what that tells us about evolution.
I would be interested in hearing anything you wish to share about your traditions and rituals.
For more information, you can visit the museum's web page. Here are days & times for their exhibit.
Date: October 8th - November 6th, 2022  
Hours: Monday - Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday 1 - 5, and Thursday evenings 5 - 9 pm 
The image above is from the NPR (National Public Radio) website.
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Monday, October 10, 2022

Behind the Masks


Behind the Masks
The fact that October is the month of Halloween parties and festivities brings up a favorite subject.
Does a mask reveal you or conceal you? When we dress up, is our mask revealing a deep desire for how we want to see ourselves and the way we want others to see us?
We put on different masks all the time. One of the ways we can use our masks is when we want people to see us differently.
Have you ever decided to get a new haircut, shave, do your makeup differently, wear your favorite outfit or a different outfit when you are looking for new work?
How about when you are going out to meet someone new? Do you present yourself differently?
We wear a mask that represents where we want to go. Even though today, many offices and work places have relaxed dress codes, it is still a tell tale sign that someone is on the move when they suddenly change their look.
Our outer appearance then is reflecting our inner changes.
When our mask is what others see, what is behind the mask for us might be another aspect that we want to grow into. So when that comes forward, our old mask comes off and our new one goes on.
The two most common super powers that people wish they had are invisibility and the ability to fly. Masking is a way of becoming invisible.
The best costumes are the ones that conceal a person's true identity while projecting the visual aura they have constructed. In essence, they become invisible.
Perhaps that person in the beautiful dress imagines and feels that they are out for a romantic evening, and they act like it. That feeling is an experience they desire.
Perhaps that person wearing that funny hat and telling jokes really does want to be an entertainer, which is nothing like their day job. But how fun to be the entertainer for an evening and keep getting people to laugh. Feels good, doesn't it?
When people remember your costumes or masks for a long time, isn't that evidence that for one night, you convinced them that you were someone else? Is it possibly an indication that you could successfully become a different person?
Halloween costumes are a fabulous opportunity every year to not only have some fun but to see what it feels like to be someone else for a day.
Back in the days when Halloween customs originated, scary masks and lanterns were used to keep difficult or dangerous spirits away. And in keeping the unwanted spirits away then, just keeps the joyful spirits around us.
People who have to wear a uniform to work every day are wearing a sort of mask. If you wear a uniform at work every day, certain behaviors and certain looks are expected of you.
When we are making a presentation, and we are speaking to an audience, don't we often wear a different face and voice to communicate with our audience?
How do you want to be seen? When you dress for the Halloween party this month, who do you want to be? What persona do you want to try on?
The question of who we want to be is one that we reconsider at various points in our life.
One year I dressed as Braveheart and had the blue face paint and the color did not wash all out for several days, so everyone I met that week was doing double takes. Even the residue of the mask had them see me differently.
Did you ever have something like that happen to you? I love a good story, so go ahead and tell me yours.
I always love hearing from you, so if you feel like sending me a note, calling or coming to see me, please do!
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, September 19, 2022

Equinox = Balance


Equinox = Balance
The Autumn Equinox comes on Thursday September 22 this year. This is the one day every fall where day & night are equal in length before the scale tips and our nights become longer going into the winter. This symbol of balance is an important reminder of the beauty and joy that comes from keeping a balance in our life.
Many of us have experienced this and it is a challenge to keep our life in balance.
Example. A man came to see me distressed because he was very successful in his business. Why would that be stressful? He started his own business and it was so successful that he was traveling 40 weeks of the year and working 80 hours a week, and he was proud and happy that his business was so strong.
The problem was that he had a wife and child and he knew that if he kept up that schedule that one day he would not have a family any more because they wanted time with him. He knew that he needed to hire some good help so that he could still serve his clients while having time for his family, but he was reluctant to trust anyone else with his business, so that decision was a challenge for him, but that was the step that needed to be taken to save his family. His life was out of balance.
Those who choose not to be married or have children still have the same need for balance in their life. They still have friends, family or activities they want to spend time with, in addition to the energy they put into their career.
Many of us face those kinds of challenges in life, and it takes conscious effort to achieve that balance.
The covid lockdowns caused many people to make new choices about how they work. Many were happy to be able to work from home to help with that balance. Others changed jobs so that they could have more balance between the time for family, friends and activities they really enjoyed and the work they do to earn an income. One thing the pandemic reminded us about what to make time for those we care about before it is too late.
I like to think of these challenges as an adventure. Years ago, when I worked for a large company that that moved me around the country and dropped me off in various cities where I did not know anyone, and all I had in that city was a job and the people I worked with.
So I kept my energy high by going out and discovering what places, things or events were interesting in that new city, and in the process went out and met people and made new friends. I saw others of my peers who failed and went back home because they spent their whole time in the new city missing their old favorite people, places and events instead of turning their attention to what the new place had to offer.
We have to keep re-balancing when our life changes.
Each season, we take a look at re-balancing. We experience another Equinox in the Spring, which tips the scale to more daylight.
This week, as we celebrate all the good things that we have harvested this season, whether it was edibles from our garden, a new job, a new home, a new relationship, a new hobby or anything else, notice how it contributes to the balance in our life.
Many of the people who changed jobs during the pandemic were able to find a better balance by these changes.
One of the changes that keeps me in balance is knowing what kind of balance keeps me healthy and happy in my work. Experience has taught me what is a good pace and how many clients per day makes a good working schedule and making time to go to the gym every day.
Being out of balance will present health challenges in terms of stress, lack of exercise, poor diet choices, lack of good sleep. These come into alignment when we restore our balance.
When I was not doing that, sometimes I would feel out of sorts and overwhelmed. Keeping the balance in my schedule helps me serve all of you well plus do things to keep myself healthy & happy.
Give some thought this Autumn Equinox to what changes you may need to make to keep the balance in your life. Do you have plenty of energy to do excellent work and have enough energy for the family, friends and activities you enjoy? It is always wise to take another look to see if our the goals we have set are working well, and then adjust.
Food for thought for the time of balance in our life.
I always love hearing from you, so if you feel like sending me a note, calling or coming to see me, please do!
Have a wonderful day!