Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Increasing Energy and Personal Power

One of the most challenging, yet energetically beneficial things a person can do for themselves is to really go through your living quarters and cut off power drains and strengthen power bases.

How common is it that when someone is moving and they are boxing things up or opening boxes for a move and you hear them say "I don't even remember having this. I wonder where it came from." Or this one. "I haven't used this in years. Don't think I will use it any more." If you find yourself saying these things, these things are energetically clogging your living space. Some people will then say good bye to the thing and either give it away or throw it away, while others will move it into their new place. Which is the more energy efficient thing to do?

If we start with a basic premise that your home should be a place that refreshes, protects and nurtures you, and in the case of people who work from home, has what you need to work efficiently. So ideally, we surround ourselves with things that are useful to us and things that are beautiful for our inspiration and peace.

So when we have many things in the place that are not either useful or beautiful, then it is clutter that impedes the optimum flow of energy. Even if it is hidden in a closet, then that closet is not available for other uses. Things that we just put somewhere because we can't make up our minds what to do with it simply block the flow of energy and take up space that would give us more power and flexibility. When things are less cluttered it is easy to find what we want and need.

Another way that this affects us is in relationships. If our space still displays mementos and photos of our old relationship, it can block a new relationship from coming in. A new person may not know who is in those other pictures or know where the mementos came from, but they can sense the energy of another person in the room and conclude that this person is still attached to someone else.

When we give away things we no longer want or need, we let someone else appreciate them find a good use for them. When we look around and rearrange things for the best traffic pattern, we increase the energy flow.

Take a look around and see how this can work for you.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

House Blessings

The spirit of a place is important in helping us feel nurtured, protected and supported.

House blessings are also energy clearings, in other words, clearing energy blockages that may be present in a place, whether it is a residence or a business.

What are causes of energy blockages?

How stuck do you think the energy of a home would become if it were inhabited by a hoarder? There may be residual amounts of that energy still stuck even after the hoarder and their stuff is gone.

How chaotic or disturbed would the energy patterns be if the place were previously inhabited by a couple or their children who fought a lot?

What might happen if a displaced spirit were lost in the space where you are now? These could be previous inhabitants or spirits that got disoriented and couldn't find their way to the light that leads to the next realm of existence.

If lots of different construction workers were in and out of your house, some of them may have left residue of their unhappy energies behind.

What if your home were damaged by the floods, fires or other disasters? It may take more than carpentry, plumbing and wiring to put it back in good order.

Once the negative energies have been removed from a place, that opens the way for the inhabitants to build in fresh energy, harmonious relationships, construct creative environments and invite in beneficial spirits and guardians.

If you feel that this is something you could use, call me. I will be happy to do it.

Learning to Learn

"A man’s mind stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimensions.”
—Oliver Wendell Holmes,
U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1897

We experience the value of this insight every time we embark on a course of study or personal exploration. Right now, for example, I am learning to speak Spanish, and this endeavor constantly challenges, because I can no longer simply use the words I am already familiar with, but I have to consider that there might be a better way to say things than a dictionary definition or a Google translator or some other app.
The process is the same when we explore or embrace any new ideas. When people started to learn about The Law of Attraction, they were challenged to see how it really works in their life, and how it connected in ways they never saw before.
When people started to reconsider what they thought about the afterlife after reading and hearing newer authors speak about their near death experiences or their ability to connect with the spirit world, their minds stretched to consider these new concepts.
Our minds begin by bringing our old concepts into view and then seeing if the new concepts can fit with the new by expanding the context and definitions or if we have a hard time accepting the new ideas because they contradict or conflict with our old ideas.
Learning is learning, whether we are learning a language, ghosts, spirits, tarot, astrology, a musical instrument, history, philosophy, cooking, sewing, spread sheets, money management, learning to trust our own intuition or develop our psychic abilities. Learning always stretches us.
Researchers say that using our mind by learning, solving problems, and engaging in even something as simple as crosswords or math puzzles can keep our minds from becoming senile, or at least keep us alert and conscious longer. Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise. Our minds and bodies were designed for movement, and the longer we keep our minds and bodies flexible through movement, the better.
I have been a life long learner. I have done different kinds of work just to see what it was like, studied different sorts subjects just to satisfy my curiosity, learned to use tarot, runes, pendulums, investigate past lives, paranormal activities, energy healing, learned to play musical instruments and many other things just to experience that feeling that comes with stretching the mind. I like the feeling.
There is excitement when we go beyond where we have been before. Curiosity is part of human nature that encourages us to explore, invent and experience. When we explore we begin to notice things that we have never noticed before. We see, hear, feel, taste and notice smells that we have never noticed before because our senses are more open. Learning to learn engages feelings as well as thoughts.
Learning to learn is about aliveness. What would you like to learn about? What inspires you? How will your curiosity help you to get more out of life? What are you curious about? Are you pursuing it now?