Friday, May 11, 2018

The Magical Energy of Moving

We are in a 2 year, a time for planning and partnership. Here is another real life example of planning and partnership in this 2 year.

In the last newsletter, I wrote about the decision I had to make about housing because someone bought the property where I live and is jacking up rents. This was the second time in three years I had found myself in this situation.

I have also mentioned to you before that I have two sisters who live here, and that is how I came to move out here in the first place. What we have decided is that I will move in and share the house with them. 

For this to happen, there will be some renovation and rearranging necessary, and that will take a little time. In the house, I will have a private office in which the reading table and reiki table will always be set up, and the space is enclosed for privacy with solid walls and a  door. 

My sisters have dogs and cats, but they will not be in my office, so I can assure you that my office will always be kept clean and the animals will never interrupt our private sessions. 

They also have a little gardening space available in the yard where I grow the comfrey that is the central ingredient in my bath salts and salve. And there will also be a few other things planted there as well. Lots of flowers and some herbs. It is a lovely yard with trees and shrubs and a nice place to sit and relax in good weather.

The new location will be in the same area of Longmont, for those of you who come to see me in person. The house is down Mountain View, the other side of Main Street. Since there will be work being done at their house I will be at my same location, continuing to see you here in the same place where you have seen me for the last year and a half, and expect to start seeing clients in the office at the house in September. I will announce a specific date when everything is ready and I will move and begin to have all appointments at the new office. 

In the meantime, I will be sorting through all my things and deciding what will go with me and what I will let go of. This is not the first time I have done this. I find this exercise to be very cathartic and a great way to refocus energies. When I moved out here 12 years ago, all I had was my car and what was in it. Making a major move causes us to decide what do we really need most and what we are going to do next. One decision we made today was figuring out which room will be the office, so that will be comfortable, clean and ready for clients. It is large enough so that there is plenty of space for reading and healing.

I think that this will be a great exercise for all of us. Although I have always had my own apartment, this move will help my sisters as well as me. Both are going through career changes.

Since I was able to work out this new arrangement, I will be keeping all my prices the same for private sessions. The only price increases, and these were not due to the move, are in the reiki and tarot classes I teach. Although prices on those two items are increased, there are more sessions included to give a person a more in depth training, and those were due for revision.

Making this decision clears my way to begin the paring down process, rather than continuing to look around and hunt for better deals.

During the process of refocusing, we are presented with opportunities to decide exactly what we want to spend more time and energy on and what to let go of, and this process serves to strengthen our clarity and our drive toward our goals. It is a whole process of rejuvenation, a breath of fresh air.

So of course, I am still here, ready for appointments. This weekend my schedule is open, while next weekend I will be working in Pueblo. Is there something you would like this weekend?

And on a side note, if any of you are in transition and need some household goods like furniture, a big flat screen TV, kitchen ware or other things, feel free to ask me. There are some great things that will need a new home.

The magical awakenings are happening to me as well as you.

I love all of you and hope that you are having a wonderful day!