Friday, December 28, 2018

Creating Our Own Matrix

This year, 2019, is a 3 year in numerology. Three is the number of manifestation, setting goals and making them happen. Turning dreams into reality. Each person has their own new year number, so this one is for society as a whole. The two numbers will give you a context for achievement.

The year we are completing, 2018, was a 2 year, a year of partnerships, learning what is working and not working with the people in our life, changing the people in our partnerships where necessary and forming partnerships that will help us achieve our goals. When I refer to partnerships, it is not only romantic. It is also business partners, workout partners, hiking partners, musical partners, people with whom we engage in hobbies, discussion groups and other activities. It is also friends and neighbors. Everyone in our life with whom we interact regularly.

And this past year was an incredibly good one for me. As many of you know, because of the goofiness of the real estate market, with property owners making up ridiculous prices for rentals, I moved into my sisters' house and have my new office there. So that is one new partnership, and it is working out well.

This one room in the house is exclusively used for my practice, and the room has already developed a good feel because it is where all the healing and reading activities take place.

I reexamined different business partnerships this year and decided to continue some and not others. Prioritizing in this way is incredibly powerful. By deciding to take a number of shows, fairs and events off my calendar, I now have more time for private appointments, teaching and mentoring. So it takes courage to do this, because the removal comes before the replenishing. But when you are drawing on experience, intuition and help from spirit guides, you change the energy and the mindset from I hope this works to I am confident that I am doing the right thing and my spirit guides are helping me get it done. It is a real pleasure to be able to work with someone and watch them heal, grow, evolve and achieve goals that they have set, even if it takes a while.

So what are the courageous moves you need to make to achieve your goals?

This year, I made some great new friends and renewed ties with old friends. It felt good to do all these things. It has been a powerful year for partnerships for me.

Clients have returned and referred friends. These are also partnerships. I love seeing the reviews that clients have written for me, and I know that these are a result of my working with my spirit guides to help whoever comes to me for whatever they need. The nurses who are my spirit guides are key to the success I have with everyone and I am constantly grateful for their help. I could never do everything I do alone. My team of spirit guides are invaluable partners.

Another thing I have done this year that I was shy about in the past is to tell everyone that I love them. I used to worry that people would think that that was inappropriate. So I was shy to say so. But then I decided that if I were to die tomorrow that at least today, I would tell everyone how much I appreciate them and express gratitude at every opportunity. I asked my self, "How could telling someone that you love them offend them?"

Yes, that old Talking Heads song is popping into my mind. "This is not my house, this is not my car, this is not my wife. Self! What have you done!!!"

True, the house I live in is not my house. I have no wife. But the car I drive is my car. And I love my life.

And I am in the right place, at the right time and doing the right things. I do not wish I was anyone else or anywhere else or doing something else. I am happy to be here and happy to be me. Helping heal people is what I feel called to do and blessed to be able to be of service to all of you.

So what do I mean that we can create our own matrix? Here is the dictionary definition: an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.

The environment of my office is where I help good things develop for you. The spirit guides who help me do my work are part of the matrix in which I am guided to become who I am, who help me shape every day. By becoming committed to being the best healer and guide that I can be for you, I am doing what is best and loving seeing how different people look when they have had a session and leave feeling much better.

I had a vision in a dream one night that really stayed with me.

As I was navigating through my life, I got signs that let me know that I was approaching a boundary. Should I do this or not? Will this help me achieve my goals? Do I really like this or not? Is this the best for me or not? Will this make my dreams become real? An inner signal would go off to make me aware of these things. We all have these inner signals, but how much attention do we pay to them?

Yes, I am blessed. I am blessed with all of you. And your presence in my life has helped me to know who I am and what I do. You see, it brightens my heart every time one of you leaves a session with me letting me know that what I did helped you and now you feel better. That validates my work and lets me know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Yes, this is my purpose at this time in my life. Earlier in my life in earlier careers, (yes, I have had more than one career) I had different understandings of my purpose in life.

Today, I simply say it this way. I am here to help people make progress in their life and get some healing and that I get along with everyone as well as I can. I make all my choices out of love not fear. That is a part of the matrix pattern. Do you choose out of love, rather than fear?

So you see, you can all do this too. There are lots of ways to help other people, and we can all make efforts to get along with all the other people we encounter. I express gratitude to everyone, including the people at the grocery store, the convenience store, the auto repair place, the people at the coffee shop, the people at the bank, the people at the gym. Everyone.

I love all of them because they help my life work well. And I love all of you because you have helped define me. I am defined in relation to you.

First thing out of bed every morning I give thanks for another day.

And then my thoughts of gratitutde continue all day. And then I ask my spirit guides if they have any advice or suggestions for me every day, if there is anything I need to know.

This is how you create a matrix.

You define your goals and visions. You set your parameters and visions and ask your spirit guides to let you know when you are on track.

If you are creating a new, more open, more loving version of yourself, creating a new career or relationship, how else would you know when you are on track, without your matrix?

What is this life you are creating for the next phase of your existence? How will you form it?

You see, the key is right here. Either you set the plan in motion and create the parameters, or you let someone else mold you.

This new year, what will you become? Have you created the matrix to help you become that?

The process requires persistence. I know. After 12 years, every day, someone is calling or messaging for an appointment. I love it and I am blessed to be in this position. Not everyone will take 12 years to accomplish this, because each of us has different goals and timetables.

I could have been dead several times already but I am not. Spirit had a reason to keep me going. And you are that reason. Thank you for being here. You have helped form my matrix and I can help form yours.

I love all of you and I am always happy to hear from you.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Light and Warmth of the Season

During the winter, the universal feature that we find is the way we light up our world as a way of celebrating. People who follow a Pagan path celebrate the Winter Solstice as return of the sunlight after the longest night of the year enjoy the lights, the fires the candles, the gatherings of friends and family, the warmth of these connections with others and the generosity and good spirits that characterize the season.

Christians, of course, are celebrating the birth of Christ and they light things up because they view him as bringing light to the world, in a different perspective, a blessing from God. Even non-Christians who do not share the same belief systems refer to him as an enlightened teacher and healer.

And the people who celebrate Hanukkah as part of the Jewish tradition celebrate keeping their sacred fire lit back in ancient times when there was only one day's worth of oil left to light their sacred light but miraculously they were able to keep their lights lit for eight days with it. Metaphorically, they kept the light of their faith lit after surviving a grueling battle which they won against overwhleming odds.

So no matter what your reason for celebrating or your tradition, the common thread is that we are celebrating the light in our lives, and so there is some common ground among the various religions and traditions that there is reason for hope, joy and optimism about our survival.

For myself, as I look over the year I am extremely happy at the way things have progressed and the successes I have enjoyed.

Every person's birthday is their new year, but we celebrate the end of the business and tax year at the end of this month, hence the reason for the New Year's holiday.

As I reflect on the various ways I have celebrated in the past and how I celebrate now, there are always fond memories and warm feelings.

Over the years, I have been invited to participate in various Winter Solstice and Christmas parties and events. This year as you see in the calendar section below, I am going to try a new one that someone else created this year. I am grateful for all of you and have included all of you in my gratitude jar. I am sending a hug out to all of you, so close your eyes and feel it as you read this.

I don't know about you, but I have always seen our calendars as a bit off. For example, isn't it goofy that so many calendars declare the Winter Solstice to be the First Day of Winter. Obviously, in the parts of the country where we get snow and ice in Winter, we have had some for quite a while now, and we have our heat and and are wearing warmer clothes. This really is Midwinter and we have more to go. We bring evergreen plants into the house at this time of year as a sign that we are confident that the world will become green again, after all the dark and cold have gone.

Similarly, calendars declare Summer Solstice around June 21 to be the First Day of Summer, but that is not correct either. By that time of June, schools are out, and people have been doing summer things like going to the beach, vacations and baseball games for a while. It really is Midsummer at that time, and is the setting of Shakespeare's play A Midsummer NIght's Dream.

The more we stay in tune with the cycles of nature, the more of a smooth flow we have in our lives. At the heart of this natural cycle, there is an overwhelming feeling in our environment of generosity, kindness, cooperation and love. Whether you are celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas or Winter Solstice, the warmth we create with our fires, heating systems and warm clothes also radiate from the inside out as we express warm feelings for others.

2018 been a 2 year in terms of numerology which featured an emphasis on relationships. And that certainly has been true in my case. How have you experienced this?

I took the time to visit with old friends and family and made new friends. Next issue I will write about 2019 which will be a 3 year. We will see how the new people in our lives and the renewed relationships help us manifest even more magnificent results next year.

Enjoy all these seasonal holidays in the ways you feel appropriate to celebrate.

I love all of you and am always happy to hear from you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The emotional power of the seasonal holidays

This time of year is full of sentiment and reflection because it is a time of both beginnings and endings. Reflection and welcoming are both part of the season.

At Halloween/Day of the Dead, we remembered those who we knew and loved who died this past year, and of course there are others who also crossed over between then and now. Then at Thanksgiving, we spent time with family and friends in gratitude for what we have received this year.

Now, as we prepare for Christmas/Winter Solstice/Yule/Hannukah and New Year's celebrations, we also reflect on those we value and those we lost. Among those we lost, there is another wave of changes to consider, and that is part of what I refer to as our evolution. There are friends who are no longer part of our lives for a variety of reasons, including career and job changes, divorce, changes in our health habits, changes in activities, hobbies, studies or sports. And there are people who are operating on a different level of consciousness than we are now.

Why does this happen? All kinds of reasons. For example, maybe at one point in our lives we loved to go out to lots of bars and restaurants, but now we spend more time at the gym. Maybe we joined a study group where we are embracing new practices and ideas and some of our old friends think that we are just into weird stuff now. Maybe there were people we used to work with and then hung out with them after work, but now we have different careers and jobs and we are spending time with these new coworkers instead. Sometimes there are jealousies when one person is achieving more success and another has less. Sometimes our tastes simply change and we no longer go to the same concerts or watch the same TV shows. Maybe there were trade shows or business events, discussion groups or meetup groups we always used to go to, but now participate in other things instead. Some people become more pessimistic while others become more optimistic.

As I say, there are all kinds of reasons and most important of all is that we use all these social occasions that are coming up to privately acknowledge our losses and reflect on their effect on us, perhaps journaling to make sense of our losses and changes while publicly celebrating our new friends, new associates, new activities, new opportunities, new outlook and our new plans and new designs for our life in the immediate future.

So it is natural that this time of year, there are tons of emotions tied to the festivities. There are things to be sad about and things to be happy about, and as we progress and grow, we find more to be weighing in on the positive side of our perspective.

So as we light all these holiday lights, notice how much light we are adding to the world with our presence, our joy, our love, our connections to good people and good developments. In doing so, we light the way for others, and in that light new feelings, thoughts, relationships, friendships and new paths and horizons are illuminated.

This time of year is both cathartic and joyous, and that is why it is always so powerful. Remember, this light makes possible our visions, and our visions energize our actions. So enjoy all of your holiday celebrations and know that everything we have done has created fertile ground for new beginnings.

I love all of you and am always happy to hear from you.