Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What stories will they tell about us when we are gone?

What stories do you think they will tell about us when we are gone? Will they be laughing themselves to death over some of the funny stunts we pulled or the situations we found ourselves in?

Will they say that we were great because we invented computers that changed the world? Will they tell about the businesses we owned and operated?

Will they say that we were an important part of a big company that built great buildings, factories and businesses?

Will they say that we helped a lot of people? That we were good to our family and friends? Will they say that we were kind, considerate and generous?

Will they say that we were great teachers and mentored young people?

The stories that they will tell about us after we are gone are exactly the reasons why the Mexican people created the holiday known as The Day of the Dead, and it is exactly the same reason behind the Celtic holiday of Samhain. The Day of the Dead sets up a table on which we find the person's picture and some of their favorite foods and things in this life. In the Celtic celebration, there is a part known as the Dumb Supper where a place is set at the table for the person who is gone, made with some of their favorite foods and people tell stories about them. People thought to do these things thousands of years ago, and they always did it in this time frame, at the end of October and beginning of November. I have always found it fascinating that this was done by two separate cultures in different parts of the world who had no history of trade.

Even our cave dwelling ancestors had funeral rituals because even before there was literature or language, people knew that there was more to a person than their body, and so special rituals were created to wish us well on our continuing journey.

Remember that we always have time to accomplish more and add to our stories for as long as we are alive. What changes or additions would you like to make to yours?

I always have some fun with this because there are always some blasts from the past that we forgot about until someone helps us remember by telling a story. Sometimes they are about great adventures, and many times they are funny.

Every so often I will be contacted by someone I have not heard from in a long time and so many times I find myself remembering things that were important to that person and that memory is one I forgot until they reminded me.

So give some thought to the stories you tell and see what changes. Let me know how that works for you. I love all of you and am always happy to hear from you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Tuning Ourselves Up So that We Can Sing Our Life Song

Our energy body is always attuning itself as we move through life. Have you ever noticed how some places bring a spirit of quiet and mystery to us?

You may have experienced this inside of a beautiful old church, museum or some other masterpiece of architecture.

Many people get this experience from being out in nature.

We may also feel it when we visit someone's home or office.

This is our spirit attuning itself to serenity that is being communicated to us. Our energies get in sync with the greater energy that has long been established there.

The more we feel our bodies attuning to the energies of places as we travel through life, the more predisposed we are to the people we encounter in that place or in the times immediately after we leave that place. As our aura is smoothed out by this attunement, our encounters with others are gentler and more joyful.

All of which helps energize us with the music of the soul. As these feelings flow we find ourselves humming, singing making music.

The song we were born to sing is always within us. Tuning up our energy helps us to release that song from its slumber. As we let the energy melt around our hearts, the most beautiful sounds emanate from people who might have told you that they cannot sing. And those who love to sing release new songs that exceed even their previous best.

Do not hide or bury the songs of your soul because you are shy or uncertain. Sing it anyway. You will be surprised at how many people want to hear it and savor the sounds as soon as they hear them.

All that we love connects with us through the harmonious songs that we let vibrate through us. Listen. And then respond.

Notice, as you move through your days, which people, places and things stimulate these feelings of peace, joy and serenity in our lives. Notice what is happening as we are constantly being attuned. It is now autumn, leaves are beginning to fall. Things we are done with are letting go, and as we let go of what we feel done with, it is easier to move forward.

We are being tuned to our strengths, and our feelings help us focus on how to move forward with ever greater clarity.

This is one of the real beauties of fall. Nature clears our path so that it is easier to see. During this process we can tune in to our strengths, desires, and decide which talents, skills and abilities we will strengthen our focus on in the next season of our life. Doesn't that feel good? Say good bye to one chapter and hello to the next.

Open your eyes, take a deep breath and appreciate the feeling of joy and peace sweeping through you at this moment.

I love all of you and am always glad to hear from you.