Sunday, July 1, 2018

From Night to Light: Becoming Stars in Our Own Lives

This is the Star from the Tarot of Origins, one of the most creative star images of any deck. It reminds us of how we have the ability to create light in our lives.

Every night before I go to bed, I go outside to gaze at the night sky. There are lots of ways to meditate and this is an easy one.

Looking at the moon, stars, planets and clouds, I simply admire the beauty of this part of our world and let my imagination and my thoughts roam. It calms my mind to watch the flow of clouds around the moon and how it peeks out and then may be hidden again and how the light illuminates clouds even when the moon is not visible herself from behind them. As I watch this slow ballet, thoughts taper off and my mind becomes quiet as I am doing nothing more than watching and appreciating the beauty of it all.

Sometimes as I gaze, thoughts pop into mind about UFOs and ETs, and I wonder what the truth is about what other life may be out there. I do not know, but sometimes I like to listen to a late night radio show called Coast to Coast AM which features all kinds of discussions. Some nights they may be discussing astrology, astronomy, past lives, psychic research, near death experiences, ancient civilizations and other fascinating topics. Other nights, they may have people calling in discussing their sightings of UFOs or bigfoot or ghosts or other phenomena. I have no idea how much truth there is in all this, but some nights, I feel like it is just like sitting around the campfire with people taking turns telling stories. And I love good stories.

Stories, whether truth or fiction, are one of the oldest methods of communication we enjoy. People have entertained each other this way since the first campfires, way back before we knew how to read and write. Folklore, mythology and wisdom are all presented to us in story form. Farmers almanacs are a similar source of wisdom and entertainment, which is why I always have them around. Our interaction with nature is an integral part of life, no matter how deeply we think about it, or how slightly we touch on it.

Almanacs contain information about weather, and also tips on the best times to plant and harvest which coincides with advice on the best times to begin or end new business, and the best times to cut hair, trim nails, and other things. Other sections contain folklore and history as well as cooking and household advice that are quaint, well weathered and useful.

Each night, as I complete my session of gazing at the night sky, I give thanks to my spirit guides once again for all the good things they have done for me and for having one more opportunity to view all this beauty and live another day. And at this moment, I feel peace and serenity and feel my spirit and my face smiling as I head inside to go to bed soon.

It is amazing how a practice so simple cleanses the mind, brings peace to our nerves and anxieties and invites a feeling of contentment to settle over this.
As we gaze up at the night sky, many of you may have already entertained thoughts about your dreams and your future. This is a natural reaction to the vastness of space. There are so many millions of dots of light out there that they are beyond our counting, and that subliminally suggests to us that each of us has more potential than we know about.

It is these thoughts which may prompt inspiring new ideas. These night lights show us the way to become stars in our own lives. I am not referring to celebrity aspects here, rather focusing on achieving the visions we create for ourselves. Whether we view the night sky as romantic, mysterious, or inspiring, we are prompted to think of other things we would like to do. Whether we take action on them is another matter.

I often find that this is a prime time for me to communicate with spirit, and it is after these sky gazing sessions that I may get inspired to write these messages to you or get new ideas for my health, home, relationships or business.

An old saying is that when we are praying we are talking, but when we are meditating, we are listening. Quiet times can be very productive.
Coming away from gazing, I have practical as well as fanciful thoughts. I think about my impending downsizing of my belongings as I prepare to move in with my sisters in their house. I remember how when I came out here, I had nothing and started to build a whole new phase of my life from the people, places, opportunities and things I encountered when I got here. Now as I prepare to reorganize again, I am sharpening my vision of the next phase of my life. The vision always precedes the action. It is invigorating and refreshing to engage in this process.

Amazing how much can come from simply gazing at the night sky before bedtime, isn't it?

I promised my spirit guides that I would help whoever they send and that I both need and want their help in serving all of you because I believe that everyone who contacts me is guided here by spirit. So I always dedicate myself to doing the best for each one of you.

I love all of you and I love it when you keep in touch.

Every day is different. Every day is a new creation that is a result of our interaction with spirit, nature and everyone else.

Life is good. Thank you for being part of mine.