Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Power of Gratitude

All of us appreciate when someone expresses gratitude to us, and when we express gratitude to others, we put in motion a good feeling that always comes back around. Thanking someone else for what they did for us can make their whole day sometimes. We all have our work to do and in the course of a day, how often do we really express appreciation to each other? I mean sincere appreciation, not just thanks and duck out the door. When we know we have done good work for someone and they take the time to acknowledge us, it can make our day. And we can make their day.

What a simple, yet powerful act, and we all have the ability to stir up these wonderful feelings in ourselves and others. When we express gratitude to others, they are, in turn, inspired to express it to others.

Knowing that others appreciate us is important. Of course we all work for money because that is the medium of exchange in our culture. And yet, it really stirs up good feelings when gratitude is expressed.

This same energy exchange works with people at work, people we have intimate relationships with, business dealings with, casual acquaintances, and those in spirit. Express appreciation for our various caregivers whether they work in our doctor's office or the stores where we shop.

So even from a selfish point of view, if you would like other people to treat you like that more often, treat other people that way more often.

Extend those feelings to your spirit guides as well. They help us by advising and protecting us. That is their job, but we really keep those channels of communication open, like a dialogue, a two way street with them when we do.

Some people's concept of prayer is that you engage in it when you want something. No. It is good to say thank you to your spirit guides, ancestors and angels every day.

Think of it this way. If you have a friend who only calls you when you want something, you will tire of getting their calls and not want to answer. So if it goes both ways, then you have a good friendship. It is the same way with spirit guides, ancestors, angels. Take a few moments every day to thank them for all the good things that are happening to you. Everything. Who do you think gives you good ideas and accurate instincts? Who helps keep things running? Who helps keep you healthy and safe? Who helps us get more out of life?

Thanksgiving to me has always been the best holiday because it is so simple. We get together with family and friends to share a good meal, some conversation, some games and music and just appreciate each other's company. What a great way to spend a day!

We have always invited some people in addition to family to join us and lots of other people have this tradition as well. Years ago, when I moved around the country a lot for business, people would always get orphan dinners together. That was a word they used for all of us who were transferred in from some other place just for the job and had no family or friends there. So a bunch of us would get together, everyone would bring some food or beverage to share and we would have a good time hanging out that day.

It is in our nature as people to want to enjoy social relations with others, the same way as it is in our nature to help other people.

So enjoy your holiday and know that I appreciate all of you. Every one of you have added something to my life just by your presence.

And I look forward to seeing each of you again whenever you feel that the time is right.

May you all enjoy much light, love and happiness every day, and especially now.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Creating Our Better Life and Future

t was 13 years ago that I made a journey to Brazil to visit the internationally famous healing center where the man named John of God does his work. 
The triangle illustrated above is the symbol that he uses in his work. It is on his literature and on the front wall of his healing center. It is made out of wood and is nailed to the wall in such a way that people can slip pieces of paper underneath it to request healing for themselves or others. During that trip, I made no requests for myself, but I put in a request for my sister who was undergoing treatments for cancer at the time. She is still alive and no longer fighting cancer. I do not claim that this action cured her, because she was receiving all kinds of help at the time, including distance reiki from me as well as the radiation and chemo. My sister has said that she was happy to accept whatever kind of help she could get. 
At the healing center, they sell citrine crystals cut in the shape of this triangle and so I got one for her and I have one that I wear. The citrine is mined and cut down there. I had a local artist wrap the stone so that I can wear it on a necklace.
What is significant is the meaning that John ascribes to the sides of the triangle, which is a version of what people in magical traditions refer to as the triangle of manifestation.
In Catholic religion, they teach of the three virtues of faith, hope and charity. John changed it to faith, love and charity. I resonate strongly with the change. Hope, to me, seems to carry a resonance of doubt and desperation. In other words, things are not good but we wish that they would get better. However, by replacing hope with love, we are affirming that we will make things get better. When we make choices out of love, things do get better.  
If we go back to the concept that all our choices are rooted in either love or fear, he is encouraging us to choose from love. And if you think about it, if we keep choosing our thoughts and actions from a perspective of love, look at what good comes into your life. 
Think about this for a moment. For example, how many times do advertisements sell from a basis of fear? They try and tell us that we will not be safe or successful or good looking enough unless we buy this or that. They are coming from a negative basis. 
So look at it from another perspective. What if we make all our choices from a basis of love? In other words, doing things we love to do, acting out of love. What would our life be like if we do work that we love to do? Have hobbies or activities that we love to do? Support charities, arts organizations or causes that we love? Express love for the people we are connected to? I simply want to clarify here that expressing love is not limited to romantic connections, friends or family, but all those with whom we interact with regularly.

There are student/teacher relationships. There are the mechanics who we entrust with our auto repairs. There are stores where we like to shop because we get good merchandise and good service there. There are caregivers who take care of ill and elderly people. There are people who deliver our mail and packages. People we trust to repair our phones and computers. There are our doctors, chiropractors, massage and other kinds of therapists and healers and veterinarians and caregivers for our pets. And so on. If we appreciate those people, we have more love and gratitude in our life every day. Next issue of this newsletter I will focus on gratitude and one of our greatest holidays, Thanksgiving.

When there is love in everything we do, everything works better. 
Since I mentioned the triangle of manifestation to you, let me explain a little bit more about that. One note about John of God's use of the word faith. People of all different kinds of religions and spiritual practices have visited his healing center, so this word does not apply to any one religion. It is about having faith in spiritual guidance and practice, no matter what religion you choose or participate in. While the religion of Brazil is predominantly Catholic, the Brazilians are very metaphysical and have a long tradition of magical healers. In his youth, his talents were discovered during his participation in a spiritualist group.
A simple way that I like to explain the triangle of manifestation is that the three sides of the triangle represent our goal or vision, our desire to achieve this goal and our willful actions taken to achieve our goal. Any time we are not getting what we want, one of the three sides of the triangle needs to be strengthened. When all three sides are strong, we have a great building block. Picture the pyramids. Triangle on every side. If you look inside the dome structures designed by Buckminster Fuller, they are supported by a frame that is a network of triangles. You can find more if you look around.   
In traditional metaphysics, in four positions, the triangle represents the elements of earth, air, fire and water. Air and fire are masculine and water and earth are feminine. When these energies are brought together, we have the six pointed star, which this diagram calls the Unity of Balance and long ago was also known as the Seal of Solomon, the ancient Hebrew king who was reputed to be a great magician. 
If you think about it, there is great sense in this because when we combine masculine and feminine energy with the elemental energies we are aligning the energies of all life in the universe to support us in our efforts. The fifth element is spirit, which not only refers to divine beings, but the divinity in each of us. 
So there are masculine and feminine triangles, symbolized by the difference of point up (masculine) or point down (feminine) and so when, for example, a man and woman are working together, our alignment is multiplied. Think about the axiom of one plus one equals three. In other words, when two of us put our minds and energies together, we can produce more than the results of two individuals. In another metaphysical concept, this is the basis for mastermind groups.
So give more thought to choosing from love and increasing your focus in order to create a better life and a better future. The results are very deliberate. You can use a vision board to reinforce this as well as simple triangle illustrations. We can create better lives and futures for ourselves if we put these principles into action, instead of just hoping that things will get better. Choose from love, not fear. Your life will get better.  I have noticed significant changes from putting more love into everything I do and it really works. 

I have settled into my new place and it is really nice. It has a little more space. So if you are coming to see me in person, please remember to get my new address.