Friday, August 2, 2019

Physical Challenges & Our Spiritual Journey

Physical challenges often are the most visible signs of changes we are facing.

When we are suddenly confronted with a new diagnosis of an illness or injury, we are being given a new learning curve.

When something that has always functioned naturally suddenly is not working right, we are set on a path to learn new things about our body. And of course, we want to get those parts that are not working, back in their proper place and function. Sometimes these are ways that we are being reminded that we need to improve our daily habits, and yes, I have learned many lessons of this nature. 19 years ago I had a heart attack, which caused me to make important changes and I have enjoyed all these many years since with no recurrence of that problem.

As a result, I see my doctor quarterly for check ups, and have used the services of practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in addition to consulting with a nurse practitioner for coaching on my dietary and exercise habits. I have used the services of a physical trainer and I use the services of chirpractors and massage therapists. I have definitely focused on healthy eating, and working out at the gym almost daily. I drink lots of water and very little alcohol.

So imagine my surprise when suddenly, one of the things that often presents itself in older people presented itself in me, requiring a trip to the ER, a medical procedure and a new prescription to take, and a new test coming up. I also offer this observation based on experience to you. One of my doctors prescribed the infamous codone type pills for pain. I told my doctor that I do not need any more of that. I get much better results from edible marijuana. Of course, I have heard the stories in the news as you have about the terrible addiction that these pills cause. So I was wondering what they were like. And I got the help I needed from marijuana, which does not cause addiction or overdose deaths. This is my experience.

Not to worry any of you reading this. What I am referring to is not visible or contagious. It was just quite painful and unnerving. Part of the pain is not simply the physical discomfort, but also curiosity. There is a pain we get from not knowing. I know that all of you who have experienced unexpected health events wants an answer to that same question. Since I have been taking good care of myself, why is this organ not acting properly? So what am I doing about all this? Working with my doctors and health care practitioners and changing my thinking.

Because of course, I am going to make whatever course corrections I need to make and reset my thinking every morning to keep affirming that all of my vital organs are working properly and that I will do everything I can to keep them working properly.

My first thought when this problem presented itself is to say to myself. "I am not old yet. I have much more to do yet and I have dedicated myself to doing all the healing work for others that I am able to do, and in so doing, have aligned my purpose with that of my spirit guides." Spirit loves it when we help other people.

Continuing to work with all of you has definitely helped lift my spirits and keep focused. So when working with others who are dealing with illness or injury, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, I know that you may well be going through these same steps. Often times, in the initial stages, we are wondering what happened as well as what needs to be done next.

Another thought to consider is this. Often times when we sustain an illness or injury, spirit is telling us that we need to slow down and get plenty of rest. For example, during those times when I have had a bad cold, after a few days of sweating, coughing, runny nose, sore throat and the other symptoms, a few days later, after a couple of soothing herbal baths and cold remedies, and the fever feels like it is broken, I do the laundry, shower and feel like I am off to a fresh start. It has always been my way to work long and hard when I am working, and so spirit is saying, take a break. Get some rest. Then get going again.

When we have other, more serious issues, it will take more than that. I have been observing for example, one of my mentors, James Wanless, creator of the Voyager Tarot, continue to travel and do his work even though he has been undergoing treatments for prostate cancer. And I am also keeping in mind the lessons of people like Louise Hay who overcame serious illnesses to continue on with productive lives for many more years. Energy, positive thinking and metaphysical methods helped them, and I know that reiki and positive thinking are plus factors for me as well.

And I remember a funny story that Wayne Dyer told about himself. One night while he was on the road, he had a heart attack. As it was happening, and it was dawning on him what was happening, he said to himself, "I can't be having a heart attack. I am Wayne Dyer! I exercise every day, I eat healthy, I do not smoke or drink, I practice positive thinking. How can I be having a heart attack?" Well, we all have something of that attitude in us.

Of course, Wayne did survive that one, but he did die several years later. And as soon as he was able he got back to doing his work the best he could for the rest of his life. But I certainly relate to his sense of humor and I cannot help but smile recalling it. Can't you just picture it? Certainly having encountered some of these physical challenges can make a healer more empathetic to those who seek their help and perhaps opens the healing energy channels even wider. Some of the things I have learned in healing myself are also applicable to all of you because in sharing what we learn, it expands and grows roots. Again, this is from my experience.

So my spirit guides are working with me and I am getting better. And I am still keeping my schedule open for all of you. Just another constant reminder that in life we are always learning as well as always teaching.

Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day whether you want to make an appointment or just to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I like hearing your stories of what has been happening since the last time we met. And of course, I am always ready to help with what is next. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

The photo below is one I took in the Blackfoot Pathways Sculpture in the Wild Park in Montana. The Bridge, created by sculptor Cornelia Konrads of Germany, is suspended in mid-air, with a break in the middle. Picture it as a reminder to be conscious of what bridges we are building and maintaining with others. Also poses the question of what do we do when there is a break in our path?