Monday, August 20, 2018

Young Energy and Elder Mentors

On Friday August 17, I was doing tarot and numerology readings for guests of the Home Advisor company at the Velorama. Home Advisor is the company that merged with Angie's List, which is a site where you can find reliable quality contractors to do home repairs and remodeling. Velorama is a series of bicycle races and events combined with rock concerts in downtown Denver near Coors Field. Quite beautiful at night with the moon up in the sky and the night lights of downtown in the background.

It was fascinating in many respects. One was that there was a parking lot full of bicycles as well as a parking lot full of cars. Many attendees walked or rode bicycles to the event.

The average age of the attendees was definitely young, so this meant that many of these people are younger than many of my previous clients in addition to being younger than me. I find the young people very refreshing to work with because for many of them getting a reading is a whole new experience.

It is a real pleasure to see how they light up and smile when their reading offers them encouragement, new ways of seeing things, and brings joy into their life instead of gloom and doom which a lot of people mistakenly think that tarot is about. It is a pleasure to introduce this useful tool to these younger souls so that they can get a head start in life and learn some of these things that I did not learn until I was older.

An important perspective that governs my work is this. I know that everyone who comes to me was guided there by spirit and so I made a vow to my spirit guides that I would do my best to take care of everyone they send, and I know that my spirit guides help me do my work. They help me create magical awakenings for those who come to me.

They are interested in trying this thing that is new to them and many of them are pleasantly surprised that they are offered useful insights and advice rather than something so far out they do not know what to make of it.

Of course, I know that sometimes when I am telling a person something in a reading they are skeptical. And that is why I offer all of you free follow up calls, because I love it when those calls come in and a person says "Guess what just happened since we did that reading?" And I am also happy to take those calls when a person needs some clarification of things we discussed.

During the last couple of years, I have had many wonderful young people coming to me not only for readings and reiki but also for me to teach them how to do readings and reiki, develop their skills, or just for consultations as to how to incorporate more metaphysical practices into their lives.

In order for any tradition to continue, young people need to join in these processes. That is always an important development. Now I see that happening in ways that make my heart smile, because many of these young people turn out to have knowledge that gives them a good start. It is invigorating when I mention a term like chakras to a young person and they already know what I mean so we can just move ahead with the conversation, compared to having to stop and explain those terms first. That gives them momentum and a fast track. Many of these young people are picking things up rapidly, and so, for example, by the time they are done with their training with me, they are really good at what they do.

It is a learning experience for me to write these things because the more these things happen, when younger people are coming to me to learn, spirit keeps reminding me that I have now become one of the elders. People usually guess my age younger, and that no doubt is due in part to inheriting some of my mother's genes. I keep thinking of myself as having a lot more time to go and many more things to do. Quite a number of those who have taught me have already crossed the veil, and I get reminders of that every time a young person addresses me as "sir" or "Mister" because I remember when I was young and addressed older people that way. Kind of catches my by surprise because I always operate on a first name basis with everyone, and I am still not always thinking of myself as old, just an elder.

Many of us have become elders without realizing it until we get reminders like this. Plus we do get some visual reminders. I think that everyone I met and did readings for today had tatoos and piercings but me. So compared to them, I am the one who is different and stands out by having plain skin. So I am gladly embracing the role of elder and teacher for these young ones. I am happy that they want to learn and happy that I can do it.

There was a time when I did not think that I would ever live this long, so I cherish all the time that spirit has given me.

Interestingly, when I ask others what is your first thought every morning, I get a variety of answers, and a number of people give an answer like mine. My first thought, my first words every day? Thank you for giving me another day. That always gets things off to a good start.

I love all of you and I am always happy to hear from you.