Friday, February 22, 2019

Getting into the Rhythm of Life

What should we write about tonight, spirit guides? Rhythm is on my mind.

There is a pace that we all find comfortable. I know that my desire is always to have plenty of space between appointments so that no one feels rushed or squashed.

And I like to go to the gym when I have plenty of time so that if I am feeling it I can do a longer workout, then take my time in the steam or shower before heading home.

I think that allowing more time allows me to focus my attention better on everyone I am working with.

You see, it is all part of enjoying every moment of every day. Take time to savor each thing you do, appreciate each person and each event in turn.

A good pace lets the day flow and when we are more relaxed, often that will be more calm, deliberate and focused and each meeting or thing we are doing gets done even better.

Interestingly, I have also noticed that friends often want to come and visit when there is an opening in my relaxed way of scheduling. That whole vortex of energy keeps pulling everything into place, planned or not. When it was snowy and real cold, I stayed in and worked on my taxes. On full moons I make bath salts for my clients and every night, one of the things I always do is to step out onto the back porch (some people call them decks) and just gaze at the night sky. It seems like a perfectly relaxing thing to do.

The time in between appointments also allows me to just call or message some of you just to see how you are doing. I enjoy hearing from you. Just recently I received emails from people I have helped in the past thanking me for helping them when things were difficult for them and now that things are better, they take a moment to thank me. And there are also messages from people who get back to me to let me know what happened since we last saw each other. I love hearing from you this way. Call, text and email are all good.

My schedule is fluid, so that means I take care of all of you first, and then I will go to the gym or shopping or dancing or whatever I need to do. Everything fits together well.

When you are not too rushed you can think things through, do research, and take time to follow up with people.

Look at some of the other aspects in life where rhythm is essential to communication. One is in our spoken and written words. There are times when the timing of the delivery is critical to the impact. Recall bits from your favorite storytellers and stand up comedians.

Another is dancing. When we are dancing with a partner or in a group dance, we are communicating with our partner through the rhythm. When we are comfortable with the rhythm, we can anticipate each other's moves and blend our energies together, with the rhythm being the glue that binds us together.

Follow that thread. We get into a rhythm if we are out walking, if we are lifting weights at the gym, if we are working in our garden, if we are working with our deck of cards, if we are cutting vegetables for our meal, in every one of these actions, rhythm is at the heart of the action.

Notice how our rhythms match when we are talking with someone. Does the rhythm of our conversation mesh well? When we are having a hard time communicating with someone, notice how we seem to have trouble getting our rhythms in sync?

Notice the energy and rhythm of someone who is running around doing everything fast as possible and then needing to go back over and make a lot of corrections rather than someone who is just flowing and gets things done right the first time.

You can tell in ordinary conversations too. You know when someone is really paying attention to you and listening and when someone is just trying to handle you as fast as possible. The flowing one listens while the fast one doesn't really want to take the time to listen. Then comes alignment with the earth's energy. That is why there are things better done on the waxing moon and some things better done on the waning moon, and things getting done in certain seasons. It is all about aligning our rhythms. When someone is performing really well in a sport, we say that they are in the zone because their rhythm and flow is smooth.

Rhythms are also important in healing processes. Healers all over the world use rattles, drums and bells. Sound can break up energy blockages and then heal and bring energies together.

The rhythms of dancing singing and drumming always clears, reenergizes and brings joy. We can be entrained into a rhythm within three beats. African drum masters say that the gods like it when we dance, drum and sing and anyone of them is good, but all three are best.

Once I asked Coleman Barks, who is the leading interpreter of Rumi's poetry and brought the ancient poet to modern attention, why many people will come out to hear a poetry reading or performance, but poetry books have the smallest sales among all books? And he said that "This is because when the poet is speaking their poetry out loud, it is like launching arrows into the hearts of the listeners, and the spoken word really brings poetry to life."

Again, it is the rhythm in the voice.

Recently I was talking with a client about finding her voice in her writing, which is essential for establishing a flow and a rhythm. I have helped other clients with writing as well. One of my other careers was teaching creative writing as well as doing freelance writing and editing magazines. So I enjoy it. So finding your voice in writing is all about rhythm.

I love all of you and love to help you to find your way into your alignment. I will always do my best for all of you with the assistance of my spirit guides. Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Letting Go to Let Love In

Keeping a good flow of energy going has everything to do with letting go of things that are not aligned with our purpose or goals. Making a practice of letting go will speed our journey while adding joy to our life.

Given that this is February, we see Valentine's sales and promotions everywhere. So why don't we take a look at that from another angle? I think that we definitely have agreement among us that everyone wants to have good relationships and that includes close, personal romantic relationships. An aspect that we might be missing is that when we are simply focused on not having a relationship is that we are manifesting more of a period of not having a relationship. Remember, where our thoughts go, our energy goes.

Those of us who have a good relationship going, do the best we can to keep it going. Those of us who do not currently have a relationship going and would like to have one, often fall into the thinking trap about why we do not have one. Again, that focuses energy on what we don't have.

The best strategy is to create a very fluid energy into our lives so that we have made clear decisions about what we really want and like. So we delete from our space and our thinking all those things that we do not like, have outgrown or contains some sort of hindrance or negative energy. So when we look at our space, all we see are things that are beautiful and useful that provide us with both nurturing and focus.

When we extend that mindset to our every day feelings and activities, we increase the fluidity of our energy field. So if we are projecting feelings of love to everyone we encounter and do work and play that we love to do, we are putting ourselves into the flow of where to find love, and this energy draws it to us. In this process, no doubt we will encounter and consider people for partners who we can recognize right away as not a good fit, but the positive sign for us is that love that we feel, love that we are, love that we project is magnetizing us to draw to us those feelings and energies. So you see, even the ones we recognize as not fitting are in a stream flowing toward us that also contains those who would be excellent matches to us.

That is why matches frequently are unexpected developments or surprises. After considering and dismissing the possibilities that do not really fit, we may fall into a negative thought that maybe there is not a good one coming up. But we have to stay alert because among the ones we do not want are the ones we do want. So we need to be careful to continue to keep our eyes and ears open and our energy senses engaged. If we stay alert and keep that confidence up that you will find a good partner they may turn up when we are least expecting it.

An important thing to remember is that maintaining a loving atmosphere, attitude, outlook, and perspective keeps lots of positive energy swirling around us that atmosphere will draw in partners. I am saying that the attitude comes first and then people are attracted to it. The opposite is not true. If you are focused on finding the perfect partner, you may be missing other good opportunities for input from other areas of your life. Keepimg the big pictured tuned to love, kindness, cooperation and joyful spirits will drawn in all kinds of good connections, including a partner. Focusing only on the partner search may not assist in making your bigger picture better.

Letting go of old energies makes way for the newer energies. It is our way of evolving. Have we reevaluated what we want in a relationship now? It could very well be different from what we thought was best in the past. We may need to update and clarify our vision. And the clearer the vision, the more energy we can give it.

I love all of you and love to help you to find your way into your alignment. I will always do my best for all of you with the assistance of my spirit guides. Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day. Let this note help make your day. I love you.