Monday, June 3, 2019

Being Love is the best way to find it

So many times when people ask how they can find love, they overlook the fact that the best way to draw love to them is by being love.

What do I mean by this? Consider a frequently heard comment by people who are looking for their partner, soulmate, lover, whatever term you prefer. Does it strike you as odd when you hear a person say that they are "looking for their other half"? None of us are a half being, we are all whole beings. No argument that it is wonderful to have a partner, and meeting and forming a relationship with another person is a true blessing and great source of pleasure. But that is not because we are missing something, it is because we like the complementary factors that work between us and how the other person can contribute to our joy in life.

During the course of our lifetime, we will find a number of people who have brought some light into our life and sometimes these relationships teach us valuable lessons in the time we are together, and then we evolve and engage in other relationships. It is important to realize that there are many soulmates for us in this world, not just one.

Being love simply means that by being loving towards everyone we come in contact with, and enjoying and appreciating the all that is part of our life, then it is easier for others to connect with us. Every time we meet another person with whom we share common interests, we find an example of that.

Those AHA moments when we realize what has happened in a relationship, it is often because there is something we did not recognize in our partnership, and as that develops, a chasm grows. How does this happen? Perhaps because we were not listening carefully when the other person talked about what they really like and what is really important to them.

How can we improve our chances of creating a good relationship? Here is a suggestion. As we become aware of our own energy systems, using the chakra system as a model, we know which of our chakras, or energy centers, if you prefer, are strong and clear and which ones are blocked.

To be our best self, we want all of our energy systems to be clear, with a strong flow of energy through them. In other words, all seven of our chakras are working. So then if we want to form a solid relationship with another person, how are all of their chakras working? And how well do they align with ours?

If we can connect with another person at at seven levels, that is where we should begin to ascertain our compatibility. And throughout our relationship, what will keep our connection strong is to always be aware if there is clarity or blockage between us on an energetic level.

Being more aware of our energy bodies is something that frequently gets overlooked when we focus intensely on our physical bodies. Of course, these are interconnected, and to raise our consciousness, we need to evaluate both our physical and energetic wellsprings to see what powerful combinations we can make. Part of what evolution is teaching us right now is that our energy body is more important than we have been thinking.

Think about it.

Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day whether you want to make an appointment or just to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I like hearing your stories of what has been happening since the last time we met. And of course, I am always ready to help with what is next. Sometimes people come to visit and have a cup of coffee or tea or we go get something to eat or go for a walk, and I love those visits too. Let this note help make your day. I love you.