Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A New Frame of Reference

Often we sell ourselves short and we forget that our resume is a list of what we have done, not what we can do. To unlock more potential, we need to get people to see us in a new light, to open up to what is possible, not simply what has been done.

In the past, we may have looked at the record of our accomplishments as indicating the kind of thing we were prepared to do next, but now as we adapt to all the changes in the world, it becomes even more important for people to see us as someone with abilities that can be applied, one of those principle abilities being the ability to learn and grow.

Do not limit this reference to applying for a job, because some of us may venture out and start our own business, and we still need people to view us as someone who is capable of doing what they say.

Similarly, if we are entering into a new personal relationship, people will want to know what they can expect of us from here forward, not necessarily what we did back then.

Experience and ability prepare us for what comes next. Part of our learning is about not making the same mistakes over and over while reinforcing our best features so that they can be put to use for us again.

When we create a new frame of reference, we open a place for a new picture to go inside of it.

Seeds of Greatness

We all have seeds of greatness within us. What causes these seeds to germinate and take root will vary from one to another.

Within one person it may be the water of the emotions that softens the hull of the seed until it gives way to the unfurling of the life within the seed.

Within another person it may be the light shining in that warms the seed until it is energized enough to push up the sprouts through the surface.

In another case, it may be that the soil around it needs to be loosened and turned until the seed finds just the right angle to ease the opening and open a path for the tendrils to climb.

Then there is the air that unlocks the secret of the seed by blowing in the currents of warmth and invisible particles of nutrients that slowly move aside the constrictions of the small space, letting the seed sense its larger future.

Similarly, each of us needs combinations of these elements to allow our seeds of greatness to sprout and grow.

In one way or another, all the varieties of holistic healing, divination and magic exist precisely to stir that growth into actuality.

Each one of these modalities holds a piece of the puzzle and a key to unlocking the seeds of greatness. Just as some plants need more water and some more light, one person may need to revisit the stories of their past, another may need the subtle, silent transfer of energy while a special ceremony might unlock the seed for another.

There have been countless stories published by now about how people have come back from death, serious illness, war, business failure and more only to have their lives turn around from some seemingly small action, such as changing their diet, meditating, getting help from some sort of alternative healer or taking up new spiritual and mental habits.

There are seeds of greatness within each person at all times. They were there when we were born, and they are there now, no matter how old we are. It is never too late to nurture those seeds and find out what more we might become.

We all have potential, but if that potential remains dormant, then we limit what we might become. Nurturing the seeds of growth unleashes new energies. Our lives will look very different once these have sprouted.

Most of us have seen our plans for our lives take a number of turns already. The sprouting of the new seeds simply opens up more potential for us, more options for how we use our time and energy for the rest of our lives.

What seeds of greatness are within us? Are you ready to see what will happen when they begin to grow? It is never too late.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Choose Happy

A common mistake that we often make is that we say that we will be happy after our business picks up, after we get a new relationship, after we lose weight, after we get a new house, after we get a new car, after........................

Of course, the lists can go on and on. But actually, the law of attraction works in reverse. When we are happy, we draw more happiness to us. It may take a while for us to get a new job, new relationship, new house, new look and so on, but we can be happy right now, and we can be happy all day even though achieving our goals will probably take longer than today.

Being happy is a choice that we make every day. By choosing to be happy, we draw similar responses from other people, which in fact, can have a lot to do with achieving our goals.

By choosing to be happy now, we get to enjoy more of life every day and then when the moment comes that we do finally reach our goals, there is even more happiness on top of that.

Like attracts like, happiness attracts happiness. Sometimes the happiness just oozes out of all of our pores and people are genuinely happy to see us.

So if you have been thinking that you will be happy after you achieve your goals, you can change your thinking so that you can be happy before you achieve your goals, and savor that feeling right away. Be happy now and draw your goals ever goals ever closer to reality. Being happy is a lot more effective than the alternative. Give it a try and see what happens.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting More Out of Your Subconscious Mind

Dreams are evidence that our mind is busy while our body is sleeping. The body needs to rest every night so that is can heal and regenerate and be ready for the next day's activity. But our mind does not need to sleep.

So it wanders off in all kinds of directions, reviewing bits of what has happened to us in the last day or two. It is also busy downloading all kinds of data from the collective unconscious and presents us with a jumble of these things.

But many people do not realize that the subconscious can help us out in other ways. We can program our mind to get up at a certain time without an alarm clock. We can ask our subconscious mind to find an answer to a problem for us.

Suppose you have been stumped trying to figure out the best way to do something and during your days you have considered different solutions, but the best choice is not apparent yet.

Before you go to sleep, ask your subconscious mind to come up with an answer for you and see what you get.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Magic of Rhythm and Repetition

One of the common threads in summoning our own strength as well as the powers of spirit to our cause can be found in the magic of rhythm and repetition.

In religious practices we have mantras, rosaries, chants, and other repetitious prayers which bring about a trance state which leaves us feeling transformed. Shamanic practices and earth based religions use the same formula of chant and repetition as part of their rituals.

What do you think that cheerleaders are doing at sports events? By leading the crowds in repetitious chanting, they transform the spectators into an energetic force to give strength to their teams.

Think about the things you say to yourself and others every day. If you keep on repeating that times are tough and business is slow, you keep generating that thought in your mind. If you keep on saying that business is increasing and new opportunities are presenting themselves to me all the time, then you keep generating that thought in your mind.

So if the law of attraction is, in other words, the idea that like attracts like, consider what you are attracting to yourself by the messages you vibrate out every time you say or think thoughts like these.

Shift your energy by reassuring yourself that you can do it, you can be successful, you can draw more love and more prosperity to yourself. When you believe that you will be successful, that vibration rubs off onto others and they will believe that you will be successful too.

Even when cash flow is tough, you failed to make a sale, or participated in a venture that was less successful than you had expected, you can still reaffirm that there are new opportunities and more customers coming your way.

Repetition flexes our mental muscles the same way as repetition builds our physical muscles. Repetition is magic. It is one of the most powerful aspects of all the tools we have, the first tool being the power of our mind. So put it to work for you and see how it brings results.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Magic of Dance

I have been a dancer for a long time, and it still amazes me every time how much of a feeling of love and healing seems to permeate my whole being at each dance and that feeling lasts throughout the next day as well.

Why is that? What is so heart opening about dancing? Perhaps because it is nonverbal. When I am dancing, it is all about feeling the movement and moving smoothly with my partner so that the grace and fluidity just flows through.

When I am dancing, there is only the music and the movement and I am completely in sync with it. All my other concerns about other situations all disappear while I am dancing. No matter what else is happening, no matter what other problems or challenges I have been wrestling with, once I do the first dance of the evening, I feel better.

Surrounded by joy and smiling faces, how could your spirits not be lifted?

My feeling is that the key to feeling better and the way that dancing works is that when you are fully engaged in the movement of dance, you get all those good things stirred up in your blood, the endorphins, oxygen, healing blood cells, all that good stuff starts circulating, and while your body is busy coordinating with your partner, mental chatter is more than just off to the side, it is quieted completely. At least for me it is.

That is why I always keep dancing in my weekly schedule, with only occasional interruptions due to work. Certainly there are some dance partners you like better than others and certain ones you are able to dance with better, and in that difference, I sense a degree of heart connection. There is an openness in that moment and a requirement that you be present, and there is always a flow of love that I sense, even if I would not say that I am in love with that person, a sense a connection in dance that goes to the core of recognizing that no matter what else might be going on with that person that we do not even know about, that it does not even matter, just as long as they will be present enough to dance with me, and that shared moment is a crystal gem of unity and genuine care for each other, at least potent enough to transmute the energy of the moment into something truly magical: a dance.

So simple, and so powerful. I keep looking for ways to make more moments in my life into moments of dance. It is magic.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Relationships & Our Spirit Code

Relationships provide some of the most powerful lessons that we ever get in our lifetime. Although there are other aspects of life that also provide powerful lessons, relationships are where we expose our feelings, our most personal aspects. Things that we share with our partner in a relationship tend to be those things that we don't always feel comfortable sharing with the whole world.

By comparison, being laid off from a job or being forced into a career change does not always have a personal component. It often does, but not always.

Relationships, however, always reach to the roots of our feelings, which is why transitions can be difficult.

At the close of a relationship, how often do we say to ourselves "I should have seen that coming" or "I should have ended this months ago" or "Why did I let that happen?"

These all point to the life lessons these relationships taught us. Our feelings are always the part of us that bears the brunt of the impact when the two opposing parties clash.

The genesis of this collision can be that we realize that the person we have been sharing our life with has decided that their dreams are something far different than what we want. The dissonance is jarring when we feel like we suddenly don't know the person we would have said we were closest to until very recently. A difference is revealed and we wonder how we could have been mistaken in such a large way. Was this always so and we just did not notice? Or did something new take root and develop and caught us by surprise?

Our spirit code points the way to these powerful life lessons, and the traces they leave on us draw the map they make on our psyche. From this map of the lessons brought home so powerfully by our relationships, our most powerful teachers, present us with immediate opportunities for pattern recognition.

Once we recognize those patterns, we can see and feel the lessons we need to master in this lifetime. Our spirit code is written all over us, and for those who know how to read these maps, the greatest sorrows can fertilize the soil in which our greatest joy will later take root.

It is not always easy to see in the moment, but when someone touches our soul in just the right way, our spirit code is rewritten, with the luminous points and lines reverberating until they are soothed by the healing touch of a new experience in relationships that rebuilds stronger the next time. It will happen when we open to it, and our spirit code is rewired and rewritten to take our lessons into account.

Yes, our spirit codes tap into the essence of our true power, and our great journey.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maps of Our Spirit Code

When we reflect on the turning points in our lives, there are usually moments of illumination that that stand out with crystal clarity to herald the changes to come.

There are images that are indelibly engraved on our mind when we knew from our heart to our soul from our feet to our head and everything else in between, that from that moment on, everything would change.

Of course, there were periods in our lives where everything was peaceful and happy for a while, and other times when everything seemed to be off track. Those moods or periods could flow on for a while.

But it is those singular moments, like when you sold the guitar you had for years because you were broke. Or the time you came home and found that your apartment had been burglarized. Or it could have been that DUI and accident that caused you to not be able to drive for a year or two. Perhaps it was that time when you hiked to a place in the mountains where you were standing in snow while looking down on the desert. Maybe that moment when you hiked to a ridge line and a glider circled around you, and you were eye level with the pilot.

Of course, there are those happy moments too, when the things you were planning and working on all came together and you got compliments on it for a long time after.

Or the moment when you met someone new and you felt like you two were connected by a magnetic field, and then that relationship lasted for years.

Perhaps it was when you were the first person in your family to graduate from high school or college. It could have been that game winning hit, or that time when you were onstage playing your music, the people were listening and enjoying it and you felt in that moment that nothing in the world could be better.

Our lives are full of lessons, but it is these moments that really illuminate our vision and we feel fully. In those moments, our lives are brimming over with feelings of joy, victory, power and deep sorrow and deep satisfaction.

In those moments, our minds are not wandering, they are fully present with our bodies. In those moments, we are most alive. The stories of our lives will forever be illuminate by these moments of crystal clarity and electrifying emotions.

Our lives are stories, defined in moments. These are maps of our spirit code.