Friday, June 4, 2021

Taking Wing


Taking Wing
You know that spirit always finds ways to communicate with us, and symbolic messages are both subtle and surprising, which then opens the way to bigger visions, fresh insights and deeper understanding.

I took these photos of blue herons while I was out walking the dogs.

Now you know how often you see something, but but by the time you get your phone out and open the camera, what you were going to take a picture of suddenly moved?

So I was pleasantly surprised that this heron waited until I got a good photo and then took off and the photos of him taking wing came out well too. So as I was thinking about writing this and asking my spirit guides what we should write about today, they responded. "Why do you think we helped you get great shots of the heron?"

So this is the message they send.

Herons stand at the gateway to the soul's journey. It signals psychic perception and reflection. It is also about patience and keen observation. The heron stands still until it spots its prey swimming in the water, then it acts swiftly and decisively. As a bird that signals the return of spring, it offers us encouragement.

All birds are related to the element of air, which in tarot goes with the suit of swords and mental clarity, wisdom and knowledge. The double edged swords depicted on the cards are a symbol for us to use one edge of the blade to sharpen our knowledge, gathering the data we need, so that when we apply the second edge, we are taking action to cut through the obstacles and move forward toward our goals. What the swords symbolize, the heron exemplifies.

We need to prioritize our goals, then move with deliberateness to act on our list of priorities, and that calm, precise flow of energies brings us great satisfaction and accomplishment.

As a fisher, the heron is intimately familiar with water, standing and observing movement and currents and sensing the the flow that will bring it within perfect range of what it needs to feed itself. It's sharp perceptions of its environment lets it perceive both the easily visible and the least visible. That is what we are doing when our psychic abilities are working.

Water is symbolic of feelings, emotions, connections, relationships. So as we survey our emotional landscape, we sense what we want and what we need. Our connections help bring us that.

When we observe the patterns of the water around us, what do we see? Are we fishing in water that will nourish us? It wasn't a heron that made up the song about the one that got away!

Follow your wisdom, your self determination, you know what is best for you, so once you gather enough data, move swiftly and certainly to achieve your goals. The heron at times has to wait a while, at other times, only moments.

Dive into your feelings and see what is true for you. What do we need to change? What do we need to do? Do not get bogged down in details or be led astray on tangents. Herons do not mistake a leaf or a twig floating in the water for a fish. They can tell the difference in the movements. How good are we at discerning the difference in movements? When we are fully conscious, that is exactly when our psychic abilities become more fluid.

Watching and listening, inhaling the fragrance of our surroundings, tasting our emotions, tasting our food, tasting what we are inhaling, what we are thinking, combining thoughts and feelings into actions.

Herons are independent and self reliant. Herons can see in the dark as well as the light. Do your perceptions work well both in light and dark? Do you dive into the watery depths of your feelings to discover your spiritual essence? Is your hunt feeding you?

The heron represents our opportunity to progress and evolve. Give yourself a little quiet time every day to work through thoughts, ideas, insights, inspirations, get in touch with your intuition. Then move in the way that you are guided. Notice how you feel about the choices facing you. Follow your feelings. Notice where they align with your thoughts. Your spirit guides will give you a sign. When you follow through, you will be successful, just like the heron catching the fish.

Do you take wing on the magnificence of your own human spirit? When you spread your wings, do you sail off into greater heights? Are you aligned with spirit so that you can make a direct line to your goals? Are you ready to stretch your wings and enjoy feeling the wind carry you?

I always love hearing from you, so if you feel like sending me a note, calling or coming to see me, please do!

Have a wonderful day!

Since I never had covid and am now fully vaccinated, that will help some of you be more comfortable with in person sessions again, and I look forward to seeing you.