Monday, June 29, 2020

Life without problems? What kind of story is that?

Of course, there is no such thing, and one of the greatest ways to appreciate this fact is that as we look back at what we have done and what we are happiest about, we remember our greatest achievements came after we had the courage to go forward even in the face of fear or doubt.

Look at where we are right now. We are being forced to do our business differently. Some people are now working from home full time and even though it is more convenient than commuting to an office, people still need human interaction.

Who would have guessed just a few months ago that our social time might feature walking the dog and chatting with others who are out walking? That is one of the healthy things we can do every day, and so I am pleasantly surprised to connect with old friends I have not seen in a while plus meet new people. At least we are enjoying good weather right now which really adds pleasure to the walks.

So the setting is just right for new realizations to become visible. Have you ever noticed that when you are more relaxed that your mind is more open, which makes it a perfect time for spirit to pop in messages? A perfect time for new creative ideas to just pop in and say hello?

What a perfect time to review our life story! The life story that we tell ourselves is what governs our visions, influences our tastes, desires and goals. One of the unique opportunities we have right now in the midst of these crises, is the opportunity to rethink our lives, and make changes that we deeply desire.

A major interruption speaks to deep desires because our usual routines are so out of whack. Funny aside: this common expression assumes that otherwise we are in whack. Who ever thinks of themselves that way? In whack?

Since we are being forced to do things differently right now, it is a perfect time to think about what changes we want to make. Everyone loves a good story and we always have an opportunity to rewrite the ending. So as we construct and create our new normal, we can see ourselves in a whole new light. Changing our story, in other words, is setting a new vision for ourselves and then pursuing it. And this next chapter can be very different, and very satisfying. Notice that closings cause us to work better from home and also to enjoy the simple comforts of home. So how different is a home centered life?

We do need to resume public events both for business and pleasure, but the schedule is obviously in the hands of the governor, so we need to proceed in ways that will work now and later.

Now is a time for dreams to become stories. What have you been imagining with a passion? Are you ready to become that? Or has your vision shifted significantly? What needs to be done next? Clarify the vision? Or jump into action? Right now, we can say that the next chapter of our life will shift our big visions as well as smaller, every day actions.

Is it story time where you live? What is essential now? What is desired now? How would you like to tell the story going forward?

I am always happy to hear from you. I love you and send blessings for a wonderful day to everyone.