Monday, September 21, 2020

Working with our spirit guides


Working with our spirit guides

Have you noticed any additional assistance coming from your spirit guides ruing this crazy time? Have you noticed new spirit guides bringing energy, clarity and ideas to you? Times of crisis brings even more communication between us, so if you have not been finding greater connection, there is still time to build them up. Do you know who your spirit guides are? I do not feel like I need to know all their names. It is natural that as we change directions in our life, that we acquire new guides to help us navigate our path forward form here.

Our team of spirit guides will always have some characters that we can more readily identify than others. Remember there are some we know as family or friends who have stayed with us, the ancient ancestors who are there for us and then there are the new ones we draw in because of what we do. Remember that where our thoughts go, ou energy goes, and that is one of the ways we draw them in. If there are others whose names you want to know, ask them. If you are getting messages from a spirit guide or have an image in your mind of one of them, they will tell you their name if you ask them. You may need to ask three times. If they are one of your spirit guides they will answer. If they are not, they will disappear.

When we are feeling challenged, and 2020 has had unexpected twists and turns for all of us, this is the time when we should be paying even closer attention to our spirit guides. In fact, one thing I can say is that they have helped me get through this year, helping me stay healthy and helping me connect with people who need my help. It is a blessing to hear from people both old and new, and that reaffirms to me that I am doing what I need to be doing when people tell me that they feel better after our sessions. You know that gut feeling we get when we are making a choice? We are always getting either a confirmation or a warning. We just need to follow those prompts. That is one way that we know that serves us well. Then consider some of the other interactions.

Have you had it happen recently that you really needed something and then somehow a solution was presented? Your spirit guides were looking out for you.

When you were exposed to a dangerous or difficult situation, and you came through it alright. That was them looking out for you.

When you felt inspired to finally take up that music, or art or gardening, that was them moving you in the right direction as well.

Here is a technique that you can try at home. Thank your spirit guides for all the good things they have done for you today or done for you lately. Now thank them for any new ideas they want to share with you. Ask them if there is anything they want you to know. Now watch. Do they send you a new idea or a solution to something you have been working on?

Take a quiet time each morning and jot down whatever thoughts come to mind. All those thoughts that find your way into your mind are messages from your spirit guides. And always remember that the clearer you state your vision of what you want to achieve, the easier it will be for them to help you get it.

Spirit guides have been powerful and true in steering me this far through life. When you are needing help, this is a source you can always call on too. It may be a source you have been overlooking.

Remember, this season is a prime time for guides to make themselves known as we are mindful of celebrating the holiday season coming up when memories and people enliven our days. That plus going within to make our best decisions from this point onward as we study and reconsider is a perfect time to focus our energy on spirit guide communications.

I always love hearing from you, so feel free to reach out if you are feeling moved to do so. Have a wonderful day!