Monday, August 17, 2015

Is Your Heart as Light as a Feather? Part 2

I don't know about you, but I feel as if I have lived more than one lifetime in this lifetime.

Yes, I feel that there is truth and useful information in recalling and considering our past life stories.

Yet, when I look at some of the events of this current lifetime, I can see them from a distance, as an outside observer, and it is as if several other people have lived lives using my name and my current evolution is light years apart from those earlier lives.

In my experience, my spirit guides are becoming an increasingly active influence in my readings. They are assisting me in delivering ever better readings.

The individual mentoring sessions I am doing with those clients who are working with me in ongoing ways are producing ever better results. How is this happening?

Think of it this way. We often think of talking with spirit when we want something. But to develop this communication, it must be a dialogue, a two way street.

Consider, when we have a friend who only calls on us when they want something from us, after a while, do we get tired of getting calls from this person? Yes, of course, and eventually we drop them and replace them with new friends.

So too, with our spirit guides. When we take a little time to thank them every day for what they have done for us, and spend a little time just listening to them, they are more receptive when we ask for some help, same as real life friends who are there when we need something same as when they need something, as well as sharing the joy of companionship.

It pays to remember the law of attraction, like attracts like, sympathetic magic, we get back what we put out.

Who are your friends? Who are your spirit guides? Do you feel that this current version of your life is a vibration higher than our earlier life? Are we experiencing more joy? Are you operating from a higher consciousness? Is your heart more open now? Are you less judgmental and more compassionate, more kind, more considerate?

Are your current experiences resonating in a whole different way than earlier experiences?

Is there more joy and peace in your life now? Would you like to have more of that feeling? Notice how many of your choices come from love and how many come from fear. Watch how the flow of energy in your life shifts when you make more choices out of love.

Notice how your spirit lifts you up. Notice how you feel like you have a whole new life while you are still living in this one, except you now feel yourself living on a lighter level seeing everything in a whole new way.

Would you like that?