Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Like Attracts Like? Like What?

Most of the limitations we have in life, we put on ourselves. What would our lives be like if we simply focused on a goal and consciously, continuously put into play the principle that like attracts like?

This morning, I was watching a documentary about young people who call themselves urban explorers. They climb around in abandoned buildings, tunnels, and what not, just for the sheer pleasure and excitement of doing it. What do they gain? Knowledge. Great photos. A sense of aliveness.

Last week at contra dancing, a man who is 80 years old celebrated his birthday. This was not a one time event for him. He never misses a dance and he never misses a beat. He does not limit himself.

Years ago, when I was an avid hiker, an older couple showed up for the hike. They were probably about 70. I asked them how they were able to still keep up with groups who were generally much younger seeing as how they were so much older than the rest of the group. Their response was that they always liked doing that, so they never quit, and it never occurred to them not to keep hiking. They refused to limit themselves.

During the course of many years of reading for people, I have heard people say all kinds of things.

What kind of limitation does a person put on themselves when they say that they know they are in a lousy relationship but they don't know if they can get a better one. But who could guarantee that result? No one, of course. A leap of faith is necessary to leave what is not working behind and see what other opportunities present themselves.

I once knew a man who said that he was dissatisfied with the religion he had belonged to for years. When I asked him why he didn't take up some other religion or spiritual path, he simply replied that he didn't feel like learning something new. These days we have all kinds of options, and many people make up their own eclectic spiritual practice. So we are not limited to official, organized formats.

If we want to create a new business, that may require working at it evenings and weekends when we are not on our current day job. Yes, that takes a lot of energy, focus and dedication. But will the end result be worth it? If you can be your own boss, set your own hours and be in charge of your own income, would it be worth it?

Please note, that I am excluding from the above examples those who have physical disabilities, those who do not desire a better relationship or their own business. Some people are happy where they are and have no desire for change. If that's what makes them happy, good.

Are we willing to focus on our desire to such a degree that we may clear all obstacles out of our way so that we can embrace our new selves, our new lives, our new possibilities?

I am probably not the only one who was totally befuddled when I was still in grammar school and adults would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Like other kids, I would just pull some answer out of the air. And then, of course, the answer would change frequently as I learned more and grew. Very few people choose what exactly they want to do at that young age and stick to it for a lifetime. Most of us change.

Our visions and our desires become shaped not only by what we learned in school, but by the people we lived with, the work we have done, the things we have seen and experienced.

And that is precisely why it can be totally appropriate to change what we do for a living, what we choose to do for fun, who we choose to be with, what new habits we adapt for the benefit of our health, what spiritual paths might suit us and any other change we might choose.

When we align ourselves with our deepest desires and then tap into the currents of energy in this world that are part of that flow, we open ourselves to more life.

It is risky yes. It is always risky to try something new. But the excitement and adventure that we call to ourselves can bring whole new worlds into being.

Of course, there are different kinds of risks. Trying a new kind of food is not the same kind of risk as ice climbing or rock climbing. Trying a new kind of dance or music is not quite the same as trying to create a new business. But all these kinds of risk taking are about getting as much juice out of life as we can for as long as we are alive.

What I am doing now is not what I have always done. There are new developments in the works, and now it is time to begin again.

Can you feel the excitement when you begin a new chapter in your life?

How soon can things begin to happen? Now.

A recent client had expressed dissatisfaction with her life in all aspects. She felt that her relationship, her work, and her living conditions were all preventing her from being the person she wanted to be and she was feeling very down about her situation. But in just a few months time, she has a new place to live, new romantic interests, and is changing her work and personal pursuits.

What happened? I worked with her for a while to help boost her energy and focus clearly on her goals. She took the steps to get where she wanted to go, and she is much happier now.

The principle of like attracts like is real. If you would like to put it into action, you can at any time. Isn't it exciting to begin a new chapter in your life?