Sunday, January 31, 2021

How do we plan for success?


Folklore has always been a rich source of reminders for us about how to succeed in life. Take a look at the traditions of this month. Together, when we look, we see an emphasis on partnerships of all kinds.

The reason Groundhog day emerged is that our ancestors were looking for signs that would tell them when it would be a good time for planting. Our ancestors who were farmers and gardeners would be sorting their seeds at this time of year so that when the ground is awakening from the winter slumber, which is other parts of the country would be Spring Equinox, and here it is more like Mother's Day, still, a thoughtful gardener spends some time thinking about what they want to plant this year and where they want to plant it.

That is us right now. Thinking ahead. Planning. Looking ahead to what we will nurture into existence.

Groundhog Day is also known as Candlemas because this was the time when people would bring their candles to the church to be blessed. Celtic people often called it Imbolc or Imbolg which is midway between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox and Brigid who was a goddess in the Celtic tradition, later became a Christian saint. Brigid was a patron or home and family as well as arts and crafts plus blacksmithing and poetry.

So what are we celebrating about our home base, our family and friends, and what would we like to do or change in this area of our life?

Coming in next on the calendar is Valentine's Day which these days has evolved into a big sales event for chocolates, flowers and greeting cards. But way back before that, the holiday was called Lupercalia and it was a bawdy celebration of fertility and sexuality.

Now that aspect of relationship is always a major focus for people, because what we are going to do for a living and who we are going to love are two of the biggest questions we ever face.

How am I ever going to meet someone new in this environment where so much has been shut down? This is a question that many people are puzzling over. My best advice on that is to put more attention on the things you really want to do and with you letting your spirit guides know that you are open to someone new, you can still meet people. Remember that when you are doing things that you really like, that is one way to meet others who have common interests.

Do not forget that even long term relationships can have a fresh burst of growth and energy if we tend to them, so if that is your situation, think about ways that can work for you.

One thing that can happen on social media is that you can find yourself in a discussion group and meet a like minded person that way, which can lead to an in person meeting. Another simple way to meet people is to chat with people you meet while you are out walking. Every time I take the dogs for a walk, I meet someone, chat with someone. And shopping at a nursery or garden store is certainly a place to strike up a conversation with another gardener as you think about what you want to plant.

So you see, the energies at work at this time are perfectly aligned to create new energies in all ways. We are thinking ahead about what we want to be planting in the coming months and who we want to be with, focusing on two important subject areas that will always be pertinent. It is always pertinent because even those who are not gardening are still planting seeds. And even if you don't have a dog, taking a walk is something healthy that we can all do just for the sheer pleasure of good simple exercise and fresh air.

One of the good offshoots of the shutdowns that people took up in bigger numbers than ever are gardening, cooking and dogs. More people than ever are planting, record numbers of dogs got adapted and so these activities will keep on going and we can use these as ways to connect. After all, when people take up baking for a hobby, they like to offer you a taste and breaking bread with people has always been a way to make friends.

Plus the Chinese New Year kicks in right before Valentines Day, and that Ox energy will reward hard work and help us nurture relationships so all these different folk roots and traditions for this time of year are very supportive for these key actions we want to take in our lives.

So look at the flow of energies we are in. We can use this time well to plan ahead and engage in activities that nurture us. When the weather gets warmer then, we can spring into action with our plans to guide us.

The door is open to partnerships of all kinds. We have partners in our love life, our business, our food, through gardening and cooking, and walking the dog. This is the perfect time to set intentions and put them into motion, from thought to word to action.

The constant factor that you need to keep in mind is to focus on the result that you want to get at each of these occasions, and state clearly and powerfully your spirit guides your intentions and desired results. Each step of the way, you not only dare to dream, you also form a partnership with your spirit guides to get this done.

I always love hearing from you, so if you feel like sending me a note, calling or coming to see me, please do!

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

A little animal wisdom is encouraging


How about a little animal wisdom today?

Animal names for the natural cycles we are in offer some valuable reminders for us now. The traditional name for the full moon in January is the Wolf Moon on January 28. Folklore tells us that it got its name from the midwinter howls of the hungry wolves because there is less game right now. It is also easy to see and hear them when the moonlight illuminates the landscape and sound travels farther because the trees are all bare. For us, then our wolf moon energy can be about having a clear vision, singing and dancing to give ourselves energy. For the wolves and for us, dancing and singing are ways to shake off feelings that are weighing us down and giving ourselves a refreshing uplift.

February 1 brings Groundhog Day. Who can forget that movie with Bill Murray where he keeps having to do everything over and over again? The tradition itself goes back to an old German tradition which was brought here by immigrants who were looking for signs from nature about when winter would turn into spring. What will you want to do come spring? What seeds do you want to plant in your garden? What seeds do you want to plant in your life?

Then on February 12, we begin the year of the Metal Ox in Chinese Astrology. Ox energy this year means that hard work and honesty pay off. A good year to focus on relationships, romantic and friendships. And a lucky year for those of us who are Ox. And this energy is also about believing in ourselves. We are conscientious and inspiring confidence in others. What things do you want that will require hard work and consistent effort? What new relationships do we want to create or maintain? Remember that old saying "the harder I work, the luckier I get?" The one thing I would add to that is that you are putting your energies to work on things you really care about.

So look at how this trio, wolf, groundhog and ox work together to show us the way forward. How to not only survive, but thrive.

Everyone loves good stories, so if this things pique your interest, there are lots of folklore stories related to animals. That is why sometimes a good story gives us clearer insight and inspiration than other sources and that is why they have traveled with us for millennia.

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Have a wonderful day!
Let this be a year of breakthrough and brilliance. Let us seek ways to not only survive, but thrive!

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

2021 is a 5 Year. What does that mean?

In numerology, 2021 will be a 5 year. What does that mean? Numerology works in cycles of 1-9 because 10 is a 1 again. Essentially we go through a growth cycle that occurs every decade. Each decade defines another chapter in our life story.

So some perspective will help us see more clearly. Last year, 2020, was a 4 year. The number 4 is about our foundations. Example? Most of the buildings in our culture are built on square or rectangular foundations. So metaphorically, this was a year that literally shook us to our foundations. The foundations of our society were tested in a number of ways. Going into the year, we knew that there would be some important changes coming up, but who knew that would include basic ideas about our health care system, system of food production and distribution, education system, the value of our social network or changing that, and finding ways to keep the economy moving when various governments ordered a wide array of businesses to close in order to slow down the spread of the virus?

So that presented new challenges to us. Many of us were forced to restructure our businesses. Some people were not able to find a way to restructure and so they closed permanently. These changes are persisting into 2021, a 5 year.

5 is all about challenges, opportunities, problem solving, overcoming obstacles, and passing these tests to be able to rise to a higher level, both in terms of our increased satisfaction emanating from our sense of accomplishment plus a higher level of consciousness that we achieve by gaining new skills and new knowledge. A critically important factor in how things go for us will depend on whether we are optimistic or pessimistic in our view. Remember that where our thoughts go, our energy goes.

View all this as a process of evolution, that our numbers are insightful indicators of the underlying energies we are living with at this time.

2021 challenges us and tests us to find a way to keep going, while our survival instincts are being sharpened in the process. As a result, some of us have had to keep our business going by doing it differently, others lost the job they started the year with and although many are still struggling to either reopen their business or find a new one, some people have found a different way to earn a living and are happier with their new work.

Other people have experienced this as a time to leave a relationship that has been not going well if they are not able to change the parts that are not working. When the parts that are not working are our partner, not necessarily referring to being out of work, but rather, some of the deficient behavior we put up with when money was flowing smoothly is no longer acceptable, people are deciding that ending that relationship in order to open up to a better relationship may have been triggered by the economics, changing our relationship may lead to a situation where we not only find that our relationship evolves into one of a higher consciousness and greater emotional balance, which in turn, can help us create a better foundation in our personal lives.

Events of this past year have also caused us to consider what are the spiritual values that need adjusting. Greater clarity about what we value, what we believe to be important, which may prompt us to take up new spiritual practices, new hobbies or activities that reflect those changes of heart that we experience. Changes of heart can stimulate a change in our religion or politics, but also in daily at home matters as well. Look at how many people rediscovered the joys of gardening, baking, cooking or preserving food as ways of adapting useful skills that they may very well continue. Others did a lot of home remodeling or home repairs to either make it more comfortable and nurturing and also to rearrange it to accommodate business changes, such as a new work space.

The image below is the number 5 card from the major arcana of Ciro Marchetti's Tarot of Dreams. He changed the name of the card from the Heirophant to Faith. This is our card for the year. It is not about any one religion. You can see in his design that he has included the symbols of a variety of the world's religions, so it is not about promoting any one religion, but rather addressing our need to address our spiritual nature. Think about faith not only being about spiritual practices, but also about having faith in ourselves to advance in life in important ways. We can be holy in our daily practices with other people, our business, our activities, hobbies and fitness. For many, having confidence to proceed is the step that comes before all others.

Some of us may have difficulties with these challenges and need to go back to our foundation level to rebuild, while others will grasp and adapt and break through to a happier level where we find success through teamwork and relationships. 5 is the midpoint where we have the opportunity to forge our new direction and the new level at which we will operate.


During this 5 year, here are two other aspects of 5 that will help keep us on track, the Five Elements and Five Senses.

We have 5 ways of knowing things through our senses. When we are making changes, what do our senses tell us? Do we get confirmation of our choices through the appeal we find in our senses? How does a situation look to us, feel to us, taste, smell or sound?

When we look at the elements, how do the changes resonate with us through earth, fire, water, air and spirit?

Earth is our sense of touch, which is also our grounding, centeredness, solid feel to our situation or progress?

Does it fit our vision for what we want to create in life? Does it contain the energy of inspiration or passion?

How does it satisfy us emotionally? Do we feel that we are with the best partners in our business or personal relations?

What new knowledge or wisdom are we applying? Have we learned something important that is causing us to change?

Spiritually, do we feel truly aligned with the goals and tasks we are pursuing?

So we all possess the faculties to awaken and grow and we can use these to guide us. Sometimes it is a matter of urgency that is the catalyst, and sometimes it is a slow dawning of a recognition that we consciously decide to pursue? Do we just need encouragement to get on with what's next? Or do we need some fresh insight to illuminate our path?

Let us make the most of our 5 year to elevate our thoughts and actions to make good use of our energies, to overcome challenges and change our lives for the better in these challenging times.

Let this be a year of breakthrough and brilliance. Let us seek ways to not only survive, but thrive!

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