Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Magic of Gratitude

Every day, I have a little quiet time with myself and my spirit guides to thank them for all the good things I am enjoying in my life. I thank them for a good night's sleep, for good food to eat, for my car running, for my phone and computer working. I thank them for helping to keep me healthy. I thank them for a good place to live.  
I give thanks for all the wonderful people spirit has brought into my life as clients and as friends. I give thanks for family. I give thanks for all my teachers.  
Think about your spirit guides as friends. They walk with us all the time, and they are the ones giving us that friendly elbow in our gut. That gut instinct that we all have is spirit giving us advice on our best choices in life.  
I also ask them every day if they have any advice for me or if there is anything I need to know.  
Think of them this way. If you have friends who only call you when they want something, you become less eager to take their calls. Think of our spirit guides in the same way. There is always a give and take between friends. We always leave the channels open for two way communication.  
Do you notice how good it feels to express gratitude? Doesn't it make you feel wealthy? Yes, we always have things to be thankful for. Knowing this and expressing it, we affirm that we live in an abundant universe and that we have blessings from spirit every day.   
Have you noticed that when you express gratitude to everyone you deal with every day that the whole flow of energy increases around you and adds to the joy of your day? Simple kindness to everyone we meet adds to our overall sense of well being. Try it and see what you notice. 
My connection to spirit prompted me to take a vow to help whoever comes to me, and I know that I can do this, not only because I have learned techniques from my teachers but also because I know that my spirit guides work with me to help me take care of each person by providing them the healing and guidance they need. Spirit has increased my abilities and increases the results for my clients. 
That is why during sessions I may say things I did not know I was going to say and that the healing experience for the person requesting it is truly profound. By working with spirit good exchanges of energies and good results are always present.
I have requested that spirit guide more of those people to me who want to work with me on a regular basis to help them evolve to their next level of consciousness, to progress in their life and achieve their desires, to learn and to grow. I really enjoy working with clients in this way because it also confirms that my work is worthwhile and that I am doing something good with my life by doing this.  
As we help others, what is required is that we open our hearts more, and in so doing, we also benefit from the healing that spirit helps bring through us. When we express gratitude, our hearts get bigger. Do you feel it?
Now this week comes what has always been one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. What a wonderful thing that we officially have one day a year to express our gratitude. In the same way that we have holidays to honor those we know who have died, we also acknowledge those thoughts on other days too. So too for gratitude. It is an every day state of mind, and we have a beautiful holiday to celebrate it.  
This is a time to gather together with family and friends to celebrate our connections over the simple sharing of a good meal and time together for storytelling, games or whatever ways we choose to celebrate this joy. Back when I worked for a company that moved me around the country and I found myself in cities where I had no friends or relatives, we would have what we called orphan dinners on Thanksgiving, where we would get together with co-workers who were also from out of town and everyone brought something to the feast.  
What a perfect keynote for this time of year and to continue our journey of love. I do not think that it is good that some merchants are trying to turn this wonderful holiday into just another shopping day. Shopping can be done on other days. I think that it is best to keep the spirit of this day one of gratitude and sharing the joy of living.   
I am always happy to hear from you, whether you would like to make an appointment for a session or you just want to let me know how you are doing. I love it when you keep in touch.