Sunday, February 14, 2021

All Kinds of Love


Valentine's Day is always emphasizing love in the sense of romance between couples, and of course, most of us want that and appreciate it. From a personal perspective, this addresses a core issue for all of us. And of course, some of us who are reading this right now are involved in a great relationship and some are not. And sometimes that personal romantic love relationship presents itself in our lives as a result of keeping our heart chakra open rather than buying memberships on dating web sites.

When we consider love in the bigger sense, the humanitarian sense, we create an aura of love all around us. How often do we express ourselves in loving terms to each other, whether or not we actually use the word love?

We may or may not be part of a hot couple right now, but we can always be expressing love toward all the people we interact with regularly.

I am sure that you have noticed what a good effect you stimulate when you tell people you appreciate them. We all appreciate that. One of the tricky things about the word love is that we think of it in terms of personal romantic relationships, but it is also love when we express appreciation for people we do business with, people who work in the stores where we shop, people who repair and maintain our cars, phones, computers, and homes. That includes delivery people, restaurant employees, artists, musicians and not just the health care workers in hospitals, but also the ones who work in the doctor and dentist offices where we go.

It is love when we act toward others with kindness, consideration, generosity, cooperation and empathy. When we stop for a moment and consider this relation we have with another person, it is love.

Keeping our heart chakra (heart center) open in this way keeps the door open to loving relationships of all kinds, and so our personal romances fit within that big aura of good relations with family, friends, co-workers, workout partners, study partners, business partners, clients, customers and all the other people who play a part in our lives.

Picture this. The aura of love that you radiate out when you are nurturing good relations with all other people is the exact pathway that opens the way for a personal romance to present itself. Getting along with other people in general opens the way for you to create personal relationships as part of what your aura of love attracts to you.

We can even shift our tones with people we disagree with so that rather than inflaming tensions, we can ease them with the way we express ourselves. That can leave the door open for a peaceful disagreement.

Pay attention to the entire flow of love and relationships in your life and notice how your existing relationship flourish and how people are drawn to you. What is happening is that these subtle flows of love energy are consistent because you express them to everyone, so when you are radiating love from your aura, it is possible for you to find your way into loving relationships with other people without using a dating app.

People are drawn to you on the waves of energy that you radiate out. How you conduct your every day affairs is one of the most powerful ways that leads to personal love affairs.

Notice how often you reach out to others and express yourself, and then notice what happens. We all want love, and the more we express love in our every day life, the more we attract it.

I always love hearing from you, so if you feel like sending me a note, calling or coming to see me, please do!

Have a wonderful day!