Thursday, January 21, 2021

A little animal wisdom is encouraging


How about a little animal wisdom today?

Animal names for the natural cycles we are in offer some valuable reminders for us now. The traditional name for the full moon in January is the Wolf Moon on January 28. Folklore tells us that it got its name from the midwinter howls of the hungry wolves because there is less game right now. It is also easy to see and hear them when the moonlight illuminates the landscape and sound travels farther because the trees are all bare. For us, then our wolf moon energy can be about having a clear vision, singing and dancing to give ourselves energy. For the wolves and for us, dancing and singing are ways to shake off feelings that are weighing us down and giving ourselves a refreshing uplift.

February 1 brings Groundhog Day. Who can forget that movie with Bill Murray where he keeps having to do everything over and over again? The tradition itself goes back to an old German tradition which was brought here by immigrants who were looking for signs from nature about when winter would turn into spring. What will you want to do come spring? What seeds do you want to plant in your garden? What seeds do you want to plant in your life?

Then on February 12, we begin the year of the Metal Ox in Chinese Astrology. Ox energy this year means that hard work and honesty pay off. A good year to focus on relationships, romantic and friendships. And a lucky year for those of us who are Ox. And this energy is also about believing in ourselves. We are conscientious and inspiring confidence in others. What things do you want that will require hard work and consistent effort? What new relationships do we want to create or maintain? Remember that old saying "the harder I work, the luckier I get?" The one thing I would add to that is that you are putting your energies to work on things you really care about.

So look at how this trio, wolf, groundhog and ox work together to show us the way forward. How to not only survive, but thrive.

Everyone loves good stories, so if this things pique your interest, there are lots of folklore stories related to animals. That is why sometimes a good story gives us clearer insight and inspiration than other sources and that is why they have traveled with us for millennia.

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Have a wonderful day!
Let this be a year of breakthrough and brilliance. Let us seek ways to not only survive, but thrive!

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