Monday, March 15, 2021

Emerging from the Chrysalis


Emerging from the Chrysalis
This photo is what it looks like from the back porch or deck (whichever term you use) from the snow storm this weekend. It is beautiful to look at if you do not have to get out and go somewhere. In our usual Colorado tradition, it will stay above freezing and melt away this heavy wet snow and temperatures will be in the 50s this weekend. I am not going to try and drive anywhere until it melts off my car and roads are clearer. So this is perfect weather for Zoom calls for those of you who would like a session today and tomorrow. This coming weekend of course, we will be seeing people in person at the Body Mind Spirit Expo.

A funny side note. It can be hard to recognize people when we are all wearing face masks, so if that happens, don't be upset. It adds a goofiness factor since I always remember faces faster than names.

Do you feel kind of mellow from a weekend of letting the quiet blanket of snow kind of cuddle you inside your home? The only thing I wish I had here is a real wood burning fireplace.

On another light note, with the decrease in covid cases and the increasing number of vaccinations, it looks like at least some lightening of restrictions will be coming and some of our other activities will be resuming by 4th of July. I am looking forward to all that. All this feels like it is bringing a lightening of our spirits this spring. Are you feeling it too?

I always love hearing from you, so if you feel like sending me a note, calling or coming to see me, please do!

Have a wonderful day!

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