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Journaling for Juice


Journaling for Juice
What you see here is a stack of old journals that are headed for burning. Some of you might think this is odd, but I see my journals as gratitude journals that reflect my feelings each day. Writing in them helps keep my vision clear and is a perfect place to express whatever is on my mind. So journaling serves a purpose every day, but I have no desire to re-read them, and there is no point in saving them. I know that there are some people who keep every journal they have ever written, but that is not for me. How do you see yours?

Journaling is a great method for staying focused. Each day, I thank my spirit guides for what they have done and what they are in the process of helping me do. I write down things I am making decisions about. Writing about things I want to do more of, writing about long term changes that will begin now in order to be done later. As an every day process that helps keep me focused. The same journal can be used for all kinds of notes, inspirations, dream recall, observations, notes to myself. I only keep one journal for all purposes. And I use whatever kind of notebooks are on sale. People who keep theirs buy the same kind all the time so that they line up on shelves.

You see, journaling helps us engage our consciousness at a higher level. By focusing on what we are working on right now, what we desire right now, what plans we are making right now, we are giving energy to those things. We are sharpening our focus on achieving our goals. When we are reflecting on how we feel about certain choices we are making, how do we feel when we write it? When we consider our options, which one feels best? Note where we feel that gut instinct giving us a Yes.

Journaling is simple, yet powerful. As it becomes a daily habit, we see ourselves doing better at achieving goals. For me, writing them down continues the process of making goals clearer. Journaling gives me juice. Energy. Focus. Power.

Expressing our vision by repeating and sharpening it as we write it out, we get more power to achieve our goals. Day by day, we get new insights, new ideas, and these can be powerful motivators in changing our life. I always think of myself as having a private conversation with myself and my spirit guides, and the clearer I express my desires in writing, the sooner my spirit guides know how to help me. Journaling is a tool for keeping ourselves on track focusing on goals and teaching ourselves important lessons.

Then once I have incorporated the lessons and changes from my notes, the notebooks have served their purpose. Burning or shredding old notebooks is a way of opening and closing different chapters and experiments.

I always love hearing from you, so if you feel like sending me a note, calling or coming to see me, please do!

Have a wonderful day!

Since I never had covid and am now fully vaccinated, that will help some of you be more comfortable with in person sessions again, and I look forward to seeing you.

Try this at home: Journaling, a better way of catching lightning in a bottle

While out walking today, I just stopped to smell the lilacs and took the picture above. I have always loved their fragrance, and I always wish they would last longer. So many flowers bloom for just a short time so appreciate them fully while they are here. Especially the fragrant ones.

Have you noticed how some of the people who were in our life at some point bloomed for a short while and then they were gone? Maybe some conveyed an important lesson to us while they were blooming in our presence. And then they moved on, and we moved on, having gained a valuable lesson from that person.

Notice which things may be a sign or a message for you from spirit. What message might come to you if you stopped to smell the lilacs?

As you use a journal to jot down your thoughts and feelings every day, you will find that spirit is guiding you, and all you need to do to pick up the message is to notice what is around you, what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you touch, what you sense in other ways. What can be a symbol or sign for us? Anything can bring us the message.

Take walks. Journal. All you need is a notebook and pen. Simple tools. Simple tools are powerful tools.

Where does your gut feeling align with your mind? When do you notice that your thoughts and feelings are really aligned? At that moment, spirit is giving you the message than you are on track for success.

Think about it. When you are presenting a new idea to people and you keep getting yes as an answer, spirit is helping you. When you clarify the way you state your goals or visions, do you keep getting yes?

Being aware of our surroundings and the shifts of energies, plus signs from spirit make your journal a place to catch lightning in a bottle.

Every time we say "I never thought of it that way before" or "I never looked at it that way before" or "I didn't know that" lightning is going off in our head. When that happens, we are becoming enlightened, and our new way of seeing and thinking replaces our old way of seeing and thinking.

Anything can go in your journal. As you make this a daily habit, you can observe your own lightning strikes.

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