Thursday, June 12, 2008


I like to think that our spirit guides take many forms. Yours will generally take whatever form you wish to see them in. So they can be angels, fairies, gods, goddesses, earth spirits, and ancestors.

Ancestors to me mean those people all the way back there, whose names we do not know, and who have a vested interest in our wellbeing and success. Those people from earlier times learned how to survive on this planet and that is how we came to be. Many of them learned to thrive, doing well in many areas of life, and they made it possible for the gene pool to continue.

Of course, we have continued to evolve in many ways, from our body structures to the ways we live. Yet these unnamed ancestors have a vested interest in seeing us succeed too. They worked hard so that we could eventually be born and live here.

That's why I sometimes think of them being the ones to give me the intuitive nudge that helps me with knowing when to do or not do something, when to say yes and when to say no, and how I know some of the things I just know.

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