Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our First Priority

The world can be a crazy, chaotic place. By healing, doing spiritual and introspective work, by making strides in our personal growth, we make the world a better place right in our own personal space, in our selves, and then having it emanate outward from there.

Getting strength for our journey and clarity for our purpose, we gain the courage to do what we choose to do. We each have to do whatever it takes to make our life work. I am committed to helping you take whatever steps you desire in order to have the healing, peace, love and progress you seek.

Even if there is just one thing I can do to help, that is a step in the right direction. Is there a healing session that would help you feel better? Try Reiki? It is very gentle energy. Looking for clues to your life purpose? Try a Past Life session. Want to learn something that you can use for yourself every day? How about Tarot, Runes, Drumming, Chanting, Movement, Writing, Journaling, or Dream work? What do you want? And since I work on a love offering (donation) basis, there is no better time for taking that next step now.

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