Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gifts in Strange Packages

For both myself and others, it often seems that the biggest opportunities to turn our lives around and make a significant change come in the form of apparently negative messages or messengers. Time after time, I see loss of job, career change, divorce, death of a loved one, facing serious illness or injury, menopause, change of religion or spiritual practice, bankruptcy or some other setback as the event that sets the stage for a person's greatest transformation.

Often, when a person faces such a crisis, they have to reconsider everything. An event that diminishes income, causes a loss of love, loss of health, loss of someone close, loss of self esteem and accomplishment that were associated with a former career path, all challenge us to emerge like the butterfly from the cocoon.

Radical changes in our lives cause reawakenings on all levels, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. What effects one of these bodies affects all of these bodies. It never feels like it at the time, but later on, these crises in our lives may seem like blessings in disguise opening us up to a whole new way of living and being.

Yes, sometimes gifts come in very strange packages.

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