Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feng Shui for the Soul

If you think about what it means to feng shui a house, what you are really doing is deep cleaning and rearranging the house so that it is beautiful, efficient and allowing pathways for energy to flow through. Our living space now is inspiring and beneficial in many ways.

Over time, we gather lots of stuff and accumulate stores of positive and negative energy. There are mementos from failed relationships, projects halfway completed and abandoned, reminders of old injuries. As we remove these, we replace them with things that inspire us because they are beautiful, things that support what we enjoy doing most, and a place for doing and being. Feng shui is not just a physical house cleaning then, but also a soul rejuventaion.

When we move old stagnant energy and broken things out of our life, there is a natural pathway that good energy will find its way into. We have to do this every once in a while to stir things up and keep ourselves alert to new people, new pleasures and new ideas. Some of us have moved more than others, and perhaps done it more for this reason, but either way, feng shui is good for the soul.

This is what keeps us flexible, growing and glowing. It is good every now and then to decide that maybe this thing we used to do a lot can be replaced by some other activity that gives us great satisfaction. Sometimes we have books on our shelves that we just don't want any more, or maybe we didn't even really want them in the first place. Now those can be replaced by books we really do read. Maybe we indulge in singing and dancing just because we feel like it, without trying to make a particular, familiar song, or even have a partner to dance with. This could be just as beneficial as any aerobics or yoga class and more fun for us.

Maybe you do take time to write something, just sit and listen to the birds, brew a pot of tea, play a game of backgammon or chess, or perhaps decorate your patio with bunch of stones you found on your walks. It is all about keeping the energy moving in our lives. A little feng shui for the soul.

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