Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reiki Testimonials

"After I left your home/office I was able to have lunch with our friends and not suffer the pain that the adhesions produce after a meal. I was also able to have dinner and sleep well. This morning I am better - and this is all due to your treatment. Thank you so much Dan." --- Teresa

"I actually feel great all over, thanks. The arthritis in my hand is feeling better. Our talk yesterday was helpful in getting me moving." --- Tacy

"Thank you so much for taking the time to see me and help me with all of this at this time. You have an amazing heart and very calming spirit. I look forward to having life be clean and clutter and frantic free as I felt in your space. It's getting there! Thanks so much, I slept well and had vivid dreams. " --- Cindy

"I feel both energized and grounded from the Reiki session. It feels great! Thank you!"---Clare

"Thanks. I could really feel the pulsing of the Reiki in my chakras (energy centers), even the ones I didn't think needed anything. Now I feel stronger and energized. I feel much better, and encouraged to do what I have to do."---JC

"I want to thank you again for the wonderful Reiki session on Saturday. I was so relaxed and soothed afterwards. I found that the next day I was very emotional - a lot of stuff I have been supressing, came to the surface. I think the Reiki instigated that. Since then I have been feeling more relaxed than I have in a while and just happier in general. You really are a powerful and gentle healer guided by so much love. I so appreciate that you are offering your gifts in this way!" ---Many Blessings, Sarita

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