Sunday, June 29, 2008

Keeping Your Desires Close To Your Heart

With all the talk about affirmations and positive thinking, we may start to reorient ourselves into chatterboxes that sometimes talk to ourselves and sometimes to others.

Take note, however, that there is an old and honored tradition that says that sometimes we will be more powerful in manifesting our desires by keeping silent and holding the energy close to our core until it is time to launch it out into the universe.

Picture what it is that you really want and then just hold that thought, letting the energy build, and as the energy builds, so does the clarity of the vision, the intensity of the desire, and the readiness to embrace that desire and step into it.

Your actions keep moving you in the direction of your desire, your thoughts bring in visions as vivid as any movie. You might even be able to hear, smell and feel what it is you want to make real.

Remember, silence can often be a more effective engine to drive your visions than chatter. Sometimes the more you chatter about it, the more you let the air out of the tires of your vehicle. Breathe life into your dreams. Be silent until exactly the right moment. And then grasp the opportunity, and grasp the prize.

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