Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Lovers

This card in the Tarot seems to be obvious, and in some ways it is. If your question is about a relationship, this would be a good omen of a positive outcome. Look closely and it also speaks of a couple well matched, with their energy entwining on all levels. In other words, a type of relationship that many of us seek. That connection is one that may also be called soulmates.

More than one person can be a soulmate in our lives. There is more than one person on this planet who can make a good match for us. The fact that some of our past relationships were unsatisfying is because our connections were only partially there. In some ways, it is like a past life recall. Every character in there reflects a part of our life back to us, like pieces of a broken mirror or like pieces of a puzzle. Similar to a past life, in our next opportunity, we make a conscious effort to avoid previous pitfalls.

People who get divorced or widowed can still have another chance at a great soulmate relationship. We don't run out of chances to try again until we die. Some of us have had magnificent relationships, some of us are in one now, and some of us wonder if one is coming. These are all soulmate experiences, both the having and not having. We all make our own magic happen. We can decide to energize our relationships now or not. A good relationship can be transformed into a great relationship. We choose whether we want to or not. Those of us who have done readings for a long time know that most questions concern either love or money. The Lovers in response to a business question is also an omen for a good partnership.

Why are these, by far, the two most popular questions? The two biggest decisions we make in our lives are about who we love and what we do for a living. Free choice also determines who our soulmate is. No secret agent or little cherub is going to slip us a note with the phone number of our soulmate on it, any more than they are going to slip us a note telling us what our life's purpose is. When we meet a person who we decide we would like to form a stronger bond with, make the effort to interweave all our energy centers with them.

So when The Lovers card comes up in your life, recognize your role in creating significant relationships, rather than waiting for one to come.

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