Sunday, June 15, 2008

How Real is Reality?

How quickly things have changed. It is now normal for me to use my email every day to keep in touch with people. I blog on this site, and of course, use various egroups and public postings, including my web page to try and increase my reading/healing/teaching business. I also visit various websites to research topics of interest and find out better ways of using the web.

We develop friends through websites who we only communicate with through email and these may be business or personal. We keep in touch with people we know who live far away, and it is much more convenient for both parties than long distance calls.

So after all of these interactions with people, when our computer suddenly breaks down and we are without it, we can be lost. Out of touch for a time. How strange that websites and emails are suddenly so much part of our lives that we miss them when they are even gone for one day.

Interesting how things we do on line are more real that some of the people we know in real life.

How helpless we feel when our computer breaks down. Not to mention those passwords that we told it to remember, and now we don't remember.

And to think that not too long ago, this was all just a dream. Some people make a living just using their computer. Some people keep in touch with their whole social network on computer.

The world is so small, and at the same time so large. No so long ago, we had phone calls and piece of paper that we sent through the post office to keep in touch, and everthing worked.

Now being without your own computer for a day or two is just as disruptive as not having your car for a day or two. What kind of perspective on reality is this?

Interesting how when certain people in the past said that they could communicate with spirits that they could not see or touch, they were often thought of as crazy. Yet how many people believe things they have only seen on the web and nowhere else?

Now we all do it every day and think that those who do not accept the web as real and vital are the crazy ones. Yet, when the computer is turned off, the websites and emails cease to exist. They are nowhere you can touch them, see them or feel them. You cannot take that old letter out of the drawer and read it again, or that old photo out of the drawer and look at it again. All these types of electronic data can be corrupted and lost, and you will never see it again without a hard copy.

Our reality is what we have agreed it is.

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