Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Zen of Reiki

The Zen of Reiki The simplicity of Zen contributes to Reiki's power. I have always liked the sound and feel of the simple wood flute (I never got the hang of bamboo), haiku poetry, calligraphy, the stark beauty of raked stone gardens and bonsai gardening (even though I don't want to do that myself). Reiki contains that same sense of elegance, and comes from that same part of world culture.

Without any special gear, one person simply channels healing energy for another person, and the healing energy simply finds its way to where it is most needed. The person channeling the energy simply needs to stay focused on being a conduit for that compassionate, loving energy to come through.

You don't need to know exactly what part of the anatomy does what or what muscle connects to what, because you are not directly trying to determine the causes and effects of various physical ailments and directly manipulate them. The energy simply flows where it needs to go, without you understanding anything. It is a very intuitive act. You can feel the warmth flowing, and the person needing the healing will usually report that they feel better, but the whole process is simple and avoids the complications of needing to know how various mind, body and spirit things work and knowing how to fix them. Just being present and being willing to be of assistance is enough. For the person requesting assistance, just being present and being open to receiving the healing energy is enough.

Simple things can be very effective. It is the simplest of all the techniques I use, and amazingly effective. It feels wonderful to work with it.

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