Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Do We See?

When we look around ourselves, what do we see? Is our life and our surroundings just as we would like them, or is it different? Have we been thinking that we would like to be doing something else, yet our living space doesn't contain any essence of that something else? If we say we want more peace and tranquility in our life, how is that reflected in the place where we live?

By looking at our check book, we can see where we spend our money. That's obvious. But the facts between the lines are interesting. Athough we all want to live a long and healthy life, how much of our money goes to cosmetics, compared to how much have we spent on healing? How much goes toward causes we believe in? How much do we talk about or think about losing weight, and how is this reflected by our expenditures on food? It is up to each of us to interpret the significance of such facts. I know that I was surprised at how certain figures presented themselves when I did my taxes.

This is about how much conscious awareness we put into our choices. The gap between thinking about writing and being a writer is the act of writing something every day or almost every day. The gap between being healthy and not being healthy could be as simple as taking time to walk every day, or drinking more water every day. Having more love in your life could be the gap between how much love you show to other people and the amount that would make you happy to have shown toward you.

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