Thursday, June 12, 2008

How Much Love?

How much of your life every day is run by love, and how much of your day is run by fear? When you get up every day, are you focusing on thoughts of fear that your situation at work or home is fragile and may break at any moment?Or do you find yourself getting up every day looking forward to what you have to do and being happy to do it?

If you are not in a job that you can honestly say that you love, are you devoting thoughts, feelings and actions to how you can create a way to get yourself into work that you love?

Are you with someone you love? Or are you putting those vibrations out into the world so that you can be with people you love, both in your intimate personal life and in the larger context of friends and acquaintances?

Do you do something you love every day, whether you get paid for it or not? Do you take time to sing, garden, write, read, make music, make jokes, or call someone and talk to them and tell them how much you care? Do you spend a little time contemplating subjects or objects that are beautiful, mysterious or magical? Do you live as if the world is an interesting, exciting place, or a dangerous, difficult one? How much of your life every day is motivated by fear, and how much by love?

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