Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tarot Testimonials

"Just letting you know that I had a really amazing reading by Dan Liss awhile back. It was very clear, very concise, very right on with what was going on in my life and it pointed me in the direction I needed to take. Quite helpful. Check him out if you get a chance."---Mindy de Marmion

"Last night was such a comforting session. Most of the things we discussed were things that were buried deep in my heart and soul and bringing them to the front as you did brought such clarity. You have not heard the last of me. You will be reading for me again and hopefully for others that I am more than happy to recommend to you..You are a kind and gentle man. Thank you." ---T

"We're both very interested in the things that you have to offer, especially the past life stuff. You were very accurate about our reading. You hit so many points that we were actually discussing on the way to the fair yesterday. So, thank you for the confirmations and letting us know that we are on the right track." ---Corine

"During the reading you gave, you mentioned the need for a nurturing approach when dealing with my father. Not easy, but it's definitely a better route than I've taken previously.I've been getting the Death & Hanged Man cards quite a bit, so change must be required, and soon. Just trusting in the goodness of the universe at this point, and trying to remain open to new possibilities." ---Chad

"I had several readings that have proven so incredibly accurate, you are amazing. You are an extraordinary, compassionate, generous human spirit at work." ---Marie-Claire Wilson

"Thank you for your reading yesterday! I was so involved with the readings that I didn't feel the time running, but I liked it very much and I needed enough time for all my questions. Many thanks! Blessings" --- Antonio Carlos

"Thank you Dan, for everything. I am grateful that I met you when I was in a lower point of my life a couple of years ago. I plan on doing a reading when I feel like I need it again. Now, everything seems to be going the way you told me." ---Oana

"Well thank you for the reading. It's still rather amazing that you got all of that. I'm still shocked!! :) You're quite good." --- Sharon

"Thanks. That was great! I enjoyed it and will listen to your advice." ---Michele

"Wow you are right! How does the card thing work?" --- La Trena

"That was a good reading, and a good take on the friendship, as good as you could get without knowing the particulars. Thanks for the advice to pursue creativity. You're good with the cards." --- C

"Considering that you know practically nothing about me, you were right about some things very surprisingly. About my business and trying to get into something now??? Well, it is true, I just hope that all will work out as you are suggesting." --- K

"Interesting thing. I was just now bawling my eyes out over this situation, asking God to help me when you gave me this reading. Right now it doesn't look as if I will get custody but time will tell. Thank you for the hope." --- S

"Okay...pretty close to my thinking if not hitting the nail on the head! I've been thinking of Reiki for a long time now. I've had several treatments myself and always came away feeling really good. So, thanks very much for this, some more food for thought." --- Deb

"Thank you for the reading. Very, very good, Bravo!! I found your answer to be very interesting and accurate. You are correct that in my field I am excellent, I am just not where I would like to be. You are correct in the protection that surrounds me and I am very grateful that God smiles down on me." --- Angel

"It was, indeed, very good meeting with you at the psychic fair. I hope your time there was fabulous. I found your Tarot reading to be exceptionally clear and honorable. Thank you." --- Nancy

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