Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Own Reality

If we accept the idea that we create our own reality, then as we look at our lives, we discover things. That is not to say that we do not know what is happening, just that we know more fully and consciously and appreciate what is happening.For example, for my day job right now I have affirmed that I only want to work at something where I can log in and log out, just giving the company 8 hours work for 8 hours pay, rather than a job with higher levels of responsibility that might require more than 40 hours a week or business travel. In the company where I work during the day, there is an unwritten rule that if you get into management, you are expected to work overtime if you want to keep your job and you need to work lots of overtime if you want to move up.

But we must get our sense of security from our selves, because in today's business environment even managers who work lots of overtime still worry about being let go. I have consciously chosen not to take that path because I want to spend more of my time doing healing, readings, writing and the other things listed on my webpage.Earlier in my life I did the corporate ladder climbing for several years, and although it had its rewards, such as higher pay, it also had its limitations, such as less time for a personal life and relationships. So I am grateful for a 40 hour a week job that can pay my basic expenses, and that also explains why it is not my goal to try and move further up in the corporation.

This is not laziness or lack of ambition, because doing everything I do is the equivalent of working two jobs, and I am grateful to have them both.I am committed to creating my reality as a person who can do all these different creative things with my clients and bring through and awaken additional energy for them so that they can enjoy more healing, strength, satisfaction and joy in their lives.

Ultimately, my vision is that I have many clients and the sum of their donations makes it so that I no longer have to work the day job, and I can devote my full attention to the type of work I love best. I am fully conscious of the fact that the reality I have created will support me while I work toward my goals.I am creating this reality and I am aware of what I am creating. I am sure that I will get signs from the universe if this is the path they want me to take, or if my direction needs to change. Meanwhile, I am happy to do whatever I do every day. Energy is moving.

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