Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sympathetic Vibrations

For a very clear and simple illustration of the metaphysical principle of "like attracts like" if you had two drums and you only hit one of them, the vibration from the first drum will call the second drum to resonate with it. This same principle can be demonstrated with tuning forks. If you don't have these types of things laying around your house, you can try the experiment with other objects.

In any case, this same principle is what works between people. Just as one drum elicits a response from other drums, people sending out a vibration elicits a response from other people. So we draw people to us who respond to the message we are sending out. We draw people into our orbit who have a similar vibration and this results in a larger atmosphere that contains sympathetic vibrations making it possible for us to make our way in this world, with greater efficiency and harmony.

On a simpler level, this also explains why it always creates a closer feeling between people when they sing together. They are creating vibrations that draw them closer together. The more we send out vibrations of what we want, we draw that to us, and these need to be more consistent and clear than any other vibrations we send out.

We achieve our goals when surrounded by people who have sympathetic vibrations with us.

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