Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Green Gets Sexy

Green is not necessarily sexy, it is just necessary. It is interesting that companies now are interested in becoming greener. They are hiring consultants to help them build offices that use less energy, and many now have recycling bins for bottles, cans and paper.

In some ways, talking about saving energy is about as exciting as having someone tell you that it is good for your health to eat more vegetables, drink more water and exercise every day. True, but not necessarily exciting.

With the evolution of current events, we are once again concerned about driving fuel efficient cars. Interesting how easily lots of people forgot the oil embargo of the 70s and waiting in long lines just to buy gas.

Here's a conspiratorial kind of thought for you. What if there is more oil in the earth than anyone can calculate and the oil companies and politicians know it but they are just doing all this to drive up prices.

Does this mean that I think it is a good idea to waste resources? No. Even if there were oceans of oil easily tapped, it would not be good for the air or our lungs to burn it off at the rate of 10 miles per gallon.

The cost of filling up is a real burden for a lot of people right now. Trading in gas guzzlers for fuel efficient models is the new trend. Perhaps this time we won't forget.

Here is another observation about going green. The solutions have to be convenient in order to encourage participation. Back when we had to haul our recyclables to recycling centers, a lot of us didn't want to make a special trip with a trunk full of containers and papers they saved. Once recycling containers were in every neighborhood, people pitched in.

Finally, it would certainly decrease political tensions in many parts of the world if we were more energy efficient. Perhaps it is not possible to produce all of our own energy, but I am happy to see more news stories about wind energy, solar energy and other developments. I am happy to see home improvement stores showing us how to make improvements in our homes that look good as well as saving energy.

There are ads these days for lines of clothing made from recycled materials, and even furniture made from recycled materials.

Well, perhaps there are some aspects of going green that are getting sexy.

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