Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reiki, Love, Courage and Healing

Reiki comes through the heart, both the heart of the healer and the heart of the one seeking healing. A heart full of love is a heart full of courage and compassion. In order to be of service as a Reiki healer, a person must be willing to open their heart with compassion to be a conduit of healing energy that draws from the infinite source of the universe.

There is no judgment of the cause of the wound, nor is there an attempt to analyze or treat it scientifically. The healer opens their heart to the person requesting healing, who must also open their heart to receiving the healing energy on whatever level it is most needed, physical, spiritual, mental or emotional.For a person to want healing is to take courage, and a heart full of love is a heart full of courage. The French word for heart is "coeur" which is the root word for courage.

Heart centered healing opens to love, courage and compassion, which is an important step on the path to healing.The energy of Reiki can be felt immediately as a warm, tingling sensation that frequently makes a person feel light and radiant. It may also feel like a pulsing, like the heartbeat of the universe, and it may seem to run in a circuit from energy center to energy center.Our feet are the way we keep in touch with the earth, our crown is the part of us that always faces up to the universe above, and our hands are the way we touch other people. They are how we connect when we greet each other, when we do our work, when we touch each other in a caring way. Love energy is warm. Healing is warm. Love gives us strength and courage to do what we need to do for self healing.

This is how Reiki feels, and how it works, at least in my experience. Our heart chakra (energy center) is in the center of our being, and it radiates out to all those other energy centers above and below.The heart centered energy connection is the key for both the healer and the one coming to the healer. When this intention is clear, something beneficial always results. This is my experience of it, and why I feel that it really works.

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