Friday, June 13, 2008

Fantasy, Imagination & Manifestation

One of the most obvious values of science fiction and fantasy novels is that it is a perfect place for an author to let their imagination go and create worlds where things happen differently. For example, maybe all the characters all use psychic ability to communicate, or can travel to far parts of the universe in a short time, have the ability to fly or shapeshift into other creatures.

Authors generally go into trance in order to write. The focus has to be intense in order to create an entire alternate world in the mind's eye, and then hold that concentration long enough to write those visions on a page. In this way, the very act of writing is every bit as effective at shutting down the chatter in the mind as meditation, because while that one train of thought is going that will flesh out a story, there can be no interruptions, or you risk losing the entire continuity of the piece you are on.

Often times fiction offers the best explanations of how our world works and how it all fits into the big picture. Many authors have created whole stories by simply meditating on aritifacts or archeological finds and then trying to imagine how they might have been used. Such efforts have resulted in elaborately detailed stories of other eras and cultures. People who are interested in UFOs and ET life can let their imaginations soar as they try and put things into perspective.

People who wonder what it must have been like when the explorers and settlers came into contact with people of other cultures can let their imaginations fill in the blank spaces in the history books. Similarly, works of fiction have been made from the creation myths of various cultures. Consider then, how much there is in common between magic, meditation and creating fantasy fiction. All require intense concentration.

Suppose for instance, you are busy keeping your mind attuned to the Law of Attraction. Fantasy writers are frequently projecting their visions of an ideal world, which is a more finely detailed picture of affirmations. What kind of world do you want to live in? Here, let me paint you a picture in words. In creating with your writing, you are also putting out a vision that enters the consciousness of every reader, and that gains energy and momentum.

Fantasy writers create worlds, and for readers, these worlds become as real as other tangible things they manifest in their world.

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