Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Own Personal GPS

We have constantly keep reminding ourselves of the path we are on and the ways we want our life to go. We find peace in quiet moments, joy in little things, and we have to keep restating things in a way that keeps us on track.

Every day as we keep reaffirming to the universe that we are doing the things we need to be doing, it is a combination of thoughts, words and actions that are like our own personal GPS.

Why? Because some days it is easy to forget. We can be distracted with a stressful day at work, letting ourselves get down by consuming too much news, or even watching too many movies about spies, private eyes, and other strange characters.

Navigating our way through the world and creating a better life has everything to do with keeping our bearings. That might mean repeating affirmations, singing a song or chant, taking time to laugh at a joke, and then reorienting ourselves to the big picture.

Have you checked the settings on your own personal GPS today? Are you heading in the direction you want to be going?

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