Thursday, June 12, 2008

Special Rituals

Why does anyone need rituals? Personalized rituals can be a transformative experience that help a person consciously and subconsciously make desired changes in their lives. They are memorable events that mark a turning point.

What kinds of special rituals can be created for a person? There is no limit to what can be done, but here are just a few examples.Customized marriage or committment ceremonies are popular because many people want their ceremony to be special and unique to them, rather than the preset arrangements that churches and judges have.

Couples do not have to be legally married in order to have a committment ceremony. If they wish to affirm their relationship and bless it, this can be done as a spiritual ceremony. Each one is different, because the couple always has a hand in designing their ceremony. One couple requested a ritual for a parent who was dying of cancer. They felt that she was afraid to let go. I did a ritual that was to help her let go and cross over. The children said that they felt better because of the ritual. I felt something shift during the ritual, that she was signaling to me that she was ready to let go.

One couple was moving into a new house, and they felt that the energy was not good from the previous owners. We did a house blessing ritual, leading the couple in clearing the old energy out so that the new couple could move a new, fresh, loving energy in with them. They said that their spirits felt lifted from the experience. Another couple needed to have a divorce ritual because they wanted to signal an end to the marriage without letting negative energy linger around both of them. They reported a sense of relief when it was done. One woman wanted a special ritual for a miscarriage years ago, to finally end her grief over this event. A special ritual was created for her and she was finally at peace with this chapter in her life.

Another woman wanted to have a special ceremony to scatter her father's ashes in a place where she felt that his spirit would be happy. This experience allowed her to feel that she had said farewell to him in a way that pleased both of them. One man needed to create a special ritual to acknowledge that he was ending one career and beginning another and there was a sense of finally letting go so that he could more comfortably step into his change.

Single people have needed to find ways to design a ritual that would shake off the baggage of old relationships, so that the way could be opened for new ones. They reported feeling better immediately upon completing the ritual and much more positive about moving forward. These are just a few examples of rituals that have been created for special circumstances. Individual needs can create infinite possibilities for what needs to be done.

Have you ever done a ritual to pay special attention to a life change and face it straight on, so that it was empowering instead of holding you back?

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