Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Would You Do?

So you are thinking about making a major life change, such as getting a new job or changing careers.Notice what shows up in your life.The first place to look is in your dreams. What do you see or recall or feel from your dreams? What recurring patterns are there in the images? What characters? What situations? What meaning can you glean from that?

When you are out taking a walk, do you notice certain creatures or birds crossing your path? What do these mean to you? Do you hear certain references come up in conversations repeatedly? When you are reading something, whether it is a book, newspaper, magazine or website, does it jog a powerful memory or set in motion a train of thought?

If you were to simply sit quietly for a little while and ask your spirit guides for a sign for what you are to do next, notice what happens after that. Perhaps someone calls or sends you an email. Someone makes an appointment to see you. You do a personal inventory and ask yourself what things can you clear out of your life.

What things are you done with? What would you really like to do next? Journal and mull over your answers. Then consult with your deck of cards, runes, I Ching or whatever other method you like to use. There are signs everywhere. What do you make of them?

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