Thursday, June 12, 2008

Secret Secrets

Millions of people have watched the film "The Secret." And more keep mentioning it, so it is still spreading. After all, when you can buy it at Costco or Target or Walmart or whatever, it is no longer a secret.

At the very least, that means that millions of us are giving more thought to changing our lives to be more in alignment with what we really want. And that brings us to two important secrets missing from "The Secret."

For example how many of us are doing some job that we don't really like just because it is all we can get to pay the bills at the moment? Sometimes we just have to do whatever it takes to get by and eventually we find ourselves in a position to do much better than just get by. It is a common experience that when we try and start our own business, some things we try work well and some do not. It will take more than just thinking about it to manifest work that we really enjoy and will compensate us well. So these are all aspects of the first missing secret.

That is, that we have to take action in order to create change. Granted, there are people who have watched "The Secret" who think that if they just wish hard enough and think about having more money that they will come into wads of money without working. And for some lucky few, that will be true. Then again, there are always those who believe they will eventually win mega-millions in the lottery and this will provide for them and their family. But, of course, for almost all of us, this is not the answer.

And this brings us to the second important missing secret. Jose Silva, creator of The Silva Method, made note of an important aspect 50 years ago in his training. This same point is made emphatically in one of the first popular (and most influential) books of this type, Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich."

He reminded us that the universe prefers to support when we are doing things for the benefit of others, rather than just trying to get more for ourselves. When we are genuinely being of service to others, opportunities open up for us. We see how distorted the world gets when greed, rather than service is the prime mover behind events. Any examples come to mind of companies that are not doing well, while the executives are walking away with millions? This is what it looks like when greed is the motivator. This is part of the vision of the world that needs to change.

The Secret of the Secret is that the world works much better when we do good for others and we make our wealth in the process. And we all have to take an active part in creating the change we seek. Obviously some of us will make more money than others, but we can all step into a happier future.

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